Awakening Your Psychic Strengths by John Holland

    Awakening Your Psychic Strengths

    A Complete Program for Developing Your Inner Guidance and Spiritual Potential

    by  John Holland

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 9/1/07

    ISBN: 9781401918651

    In this enlightening and entertaining audio program, internationally renowned psychic medium and best-selling author John Holland shows you how to tap into the power of your psychic abilities and make them work for you in all areas of your personal and business life.

    John explains how to find your way back to your true intuitive self by extending your awareness beyond your physical senses through easy-to-follow, practical exercises.

    In addition to the basic principles of connecting with Spirit, you’ll learn what it really means to be psychic, which ability is your strength, all about chakras and their roles, how to interpret auras, psychic etiquette, and much more!

    There’s a wealth of information available to help you—with your relationships, your work, and your health and happiness—when you awaken your psychic strengths and connect to your inner self.

    And as a bonus, you’ll gain insight into the nature of life and how the soul lives on after the body’s death as John discusses his fascinating work as a psychic medium.

    4-CD Set Lecture