Being Myself: Loving Myself for who I am, not who the World wants me to be by Anita Moorjani

    Being Myself: Loving Myself for who I am, not who the World wants me to be

    by  Anita Moorjani

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    I’m sure you already know about the importance of loving yourself. It’s one thing to know it, but how effective are you at actually putting self-love into practice? I know how challenging it can be, because if you’re anything like me, you know how difficult it is to overcome the cultural and social conditioning most of us have been brought up in; conditioning that makes it nearly impossible to live the truth of self-love. It feels as though we are judged negatively if we love our selves, value ourselves, or put ourselves first.  

     It almost feels as though we live in an upside down world, where we are taught the opposite of what would really help us in life, and when we actually stumble upon the truth of how to live our lives joyfully, we are judged for practicing it.

    In this 4-week online course, I will be sharing some very practical tools, tips and exercises I have learned that truly help us feel empowered in a world that is still not fully ready for us to be our authentic self and express our truth. I will ­­­share some step-by-step processes that I believe can help develop love, respect, and value for ourselves, so that we can feel empowered about our own life.  I will also be taking your calls, so I sincerely hope you will join me, as I would love to speak with you!

     During the four-week course, among many other things, we will explore the following:

    • Dispel the myth that it’s selfish to love your self;
    • Dispel the myth that in order to be unconditionally loving towards others, it means allowing others to treat us as they please;
    • Learn what it truly means to “be spiritual” (it’s not what many people think it means!);
    • How to deal with critics, and the fear of disappointing others;
    • Identify the buttons that push our “people pleasing” switch;
    • How to let go of the “people pleaser” within us;
    • How to develop a greater appreciation and connection with our self;
    • How to live a life of trust and allowing;
    • How to allow more synchronicities into our life;
    • Discuss what it looks like not to love our self;
    • Examine what a healthy dose of self-love looks like when put into daily practice while living with loved ones and family members;
    • We will also be doing guided meditations that focus on letting go of the old “people pleasing” you while welcoming the new “empowered” you;
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