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How would you like to have a guidebook to follow where you can align yourself with the Universe, learn to live a simple and balanced life working for the good, and experience the greatest sense of peace you may ever imagine?

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has spent years working on this “manual on the art of living” and he’ll be sharing some of its most valuable lessons during this unique and life-changing lecture. Based on his long hours of research and meditation on the ancient Chinese Book of the Way—the Tao Te Ching—Dr. Dyer has combined his years of empowering wisdom with this classic book of the natural laws of the Universe to create a list of universal truths and guidelines to apply to today’s world.

During this life-changing On Demand Lecture, Dr. Dyer will share his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching and show you how to apply it to every day life. He hopes to offer you the same opportunity for change that it has brought to him.