Co-creating at Its Best by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 11/20/14

    ISBN: 9781401948573

    Narrated By: Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks

    Version: Unabridged

    Length: 2 hours and 38 minutes

    What happens when you bring together one of the most inspirational spiritual teachers of all time and the Master Sages of the Universe? A magical, insightful, invigorating encounter you will never forget!

    Before a live audience in Anaheim, California, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer sits down with Esther Hicks and the wise Collective Consciousness known as Abraham. Wayne asks all the questions he has accumulated from his more than 40 years of teaching others about self-reliance and self-discovery, and Abraham delivers the answers we all need to hear.

    While Wayne and Esther have been friends for years, this is the first time that he engages with Abraham in an extended dialogue about life's many lessons and perplexing questions. Experience this extraordinary meeting of the minds for yourself!

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