Coaching Success Certified Training Online Course by Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    Coaching Success Certified Training Online Course

    Powerful Tools for Creating a Life You Love

    by  Robert Holden, Ph.D.

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    5-Week Online Course with Robert Holden

    Your Definition of Success Guides the Entire Course of Your Life

    The way that you define success can either guide you to joyfully live out your soul’s purpose or lead you to frustration, disappointment, and dead ends. Whether you are a coach, educator, entrepreneur, psychologist, or creative—or looking to expand your leadership and visionary capacities—this course will help you begin to live the question “What is success?” so that you can unequivocally move toward creating an authentically successful life that you love. 

    This 17-hour intensive course is a coaching journey like no other, filled with profound wisdom, spiritual and psychological depth, remarkable life tools, live coaching demos, compelling stories, and loads of fun and laughter along the way.

    Based on two five-day professional training events held by Robert in San Diego and New York City—attended by coaches, writers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, and psychologists alike—this course gives you a front-row seat to one of Robert’s most popular live programs that sells out quickly and is offered only rarely. And just like the participants at Robert’s live event, you will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

    Online Video Course Includes:

    • A front-row seat to one of Robert Holden’s most popular live training programs with over 16 hours of videos
    • Powerful tools to deepen your experience of the concepts presented and launch you into creating a life that you love
    • Clear guidance on how to live with vision, follow your soul’s purpose, and release your inner blocks to inspiration, creativity, love, and happiness
    • Live coaching demos with audience members
    • Exclusive bonus footage
    • A Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course
    • 1 LIVE In-Course Webinar with Robert Holden

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    Your definition of success influences every significant decision in your life. It can guide you to joy and fulfillment…or lead you to frustration, disappointment, and even defeat.
    The choice is yours.

    Exclusive Online Course Features

    Lessons at Your Fingertips

    Over 16 hours of engaging and informative lessons are housed in full on our private online-learning website, so you can go at your own pace.

    Mobile Availability

    Lessons are available for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Listen and learn anywhere you have an Internet connection or cell signal.

    Lifetime Access

    You will have access to the course beyond your initial learning experience! We realize taking the course as it’s delivered may not be possible for everyone, so you can take the course at your own pace. You’ll also be able to return to and review lessons for a deeper understanding and to reinforce and apply what you learn.


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    “To really know what success is, you have to be present in your own life to find out."

    Robert Holden

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Success Is Knowing Who You Are

    “Self-knowledge is the primary key to success,” Robert says. “It’s far more important than your IQ, your CV, your PhD, your knowledge of celestial mechanics, or your MBA.” In this foundational lesson, Robert invites you to stop and think about success in a whole new way. “Success is knowing who you are. Success is being true to yourself. And the next level of success happens when you’re willing to be even more of the real you,” Robert says. Robert introduces some of the major themes of the program – including authenticity, leadership, and his Four Intelligences Model. He encourages you to stop chasing success and to start creating a life you love – now! 

    Lesson 2: Defining Success For Yourself

    Your definition of success influences every significant decision in your life! You’ll hear Robert say this over and again on this program. Do you agree with him? Robert explains that your definition of success is your compass, your north star, and the journey of your life. Asking yourself What is success? helps you get clear on what is real, important, sacred, and true for you. How clear is your definition of success right now? Is it authentic? Does it reflect your values? Does it inspire you? Is it bringing out the best in you? Is it helping you grow? In this lesson, Robert encourages you to meditate on “What is success?” as a daily spiritual practice. He also shares two of his favorite coaching exercises for getting clear on real success.

    Lesson 3: The Heart of Success

    In this lesson, Robert explores what he calls “the heart of success.” “To feel successful you have to follow the wisdom of your heart,” Robert says. “If your heart isn’t in it; you won’t be truly successful,” he warns us. He also introduces you to The Success Contract, which helps you identify and overcome inner blocks to success, happiness, love, and abundance. For example, is your independence too much of a good thing? Are you trying to do everything by yourself? “The next level of success always requires a new level of partnership,” Robert says. Central to this lesson is The Enneagram, which is the oldest self-awareness tool on our planet – dating back at least 2,500 years. This brilliant self-growth model will help you experience success without limits. 

    Lesson 4: The Soul of Success

    Lesson Four is packed with inspiring coaching exercises created by Robert for his Success Intelligence programs with private clients. Are you still searching for your purpose? Are you looking to take the next step in living a purpose-led life? Robert shares a creative exercise – called The Business Card – that will help you to lead with purpose. How busy are you these days? Do you have enough time to take a Busyness Audit? “The Busy Generation must sacrifice crazy busyness for real success,” Robert says. Lastly, Robert explores the “F” words: failure and forgiveness. He helps you create a Failure Policy that encourages you to take risks, to stretch, and to grow. He also shares a powerful Forgiveness Meditation to help you release the past, step into the present, and create a better future. 

    Lesson 5: Ready for Success

    “A successful life can only ever be the one you are living now,” Robert says. Chasing success is often a block to success because your success is always ahead of you, in the future, and never now!! “Success isn’t about ‘getting there’; it’s about ‘being here!’” Robert says. In this final lesson, Robert helps you gain the clarity and focus you need to stay inspired, keep on track, and enjoy the journey. He explores “basic trust” – the faith that life wants you to grow into full bloom – and examines the philosophy of mutual success, which is that your success is your gift to the world. When you dedicate your success to the greater good and well-being of others, you have every reason to expect the universe to lend you grace and inspiration along the way. 

    Bonuses: Bonuses and In-Course Webinar

    • Video: Success Coaching: An Interview with Reid Tracy
    • 2 Live In-Course Webinars with Robert Holden