Doors Opening by Louise Hay

    Doors Opening

    A Positive Approach to AIDS

    by  Louise Hay

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 10/29/09

    ISBN: VID95

    In January of 1985 I began with a group of six men with AIDS in my living room. We refused to play “ain’t it awful”. Instead we looked for ways to heal our bodies and to dissolve fears. We created a place where there was love and acceptance, affections and safety. We began to learn to love ourselves and to realize our minds had a definite ability to contribute to our wellness.

    As the group grew we also attracted friends and lovers, then hospice workers and nurses, alternative therapy practitioners and even a few MD’s became a regular part of the Wednesday night group. Occasionally we even have a parent join us. Today this group attracts over six hundred people a week; yet the sharing and caring and intimacy remain.

    We have had outstanding results in altering the quality of gay men’s lives. Many with AIDS are getting better as we explore what we can do to strengthen the mental and physical immune systems. A few are totally well and no longer having the disease call AIDS.

    The principles taught here transcend the issue of AIDS! They speak to the need for healing in all of us. This video is not just about AIDS. It is a bringing together-a balancing of body, mind and spirit in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. This intimate view of the Wednesday night AIDS group is a testimony for the power of love to heal.

    Share the love, the insights and the healing processes in this intimate portrait.
    Truly a moving experience!

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