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    Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 4/24/12

    ISBN: 9781401925550

    People are forever using excuses and defending those excuse patterns as if they were actually true. Such statements as 'It would be very difficult for me to change...', 'If I changed, it would create family dramas...', 'I'm too old/young to change...', and 'I've always been this way...' are all excuses that are used regularly without challenging the truth of these thinking habits. When you eliminate excuses that explain your shortcomings or failures, you'll awaken to your infinite possibilities.

    Wayne Dyer, known worldwide as one of the best spiritual speakers, presents a revolutionary concept that guides you to put those excuses to rest once and for all. You'll learn to apply specific questions to any excuse, and then proceed through the steps of the Excuses Begone! paradigm. Through inspirational stories and advice that will see you shrug off lifetime issues, this DVD is a fantastic companion to Wayne's bestselling book.
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    By Karen on Sep 09, 2016

    I listened to Excuses Begone on a long drive. I was riveted by how easy it is to make excuses for failure and surprised by how easy it is to make small changes in your thinking. I dropped my major excuses and I'm finally living a life that is Mine, not someone else's idea of what my life should be.