Finding Your Life Purpose by Doreen Virtue

    Finding Your Life Purpose

    by  Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue

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    Do you experience any of the following?

    • A nagging thought that there must be something more—There’s a reason why I am here, alive, now—but you can’t put your finger on what it is
    • A feeling of emptiness or anxiety, as if you might have “missed” your calling to make a positive difference in the world
    • Angst in your stomach when you wake up in the morning, faced with a job you find meaningless
    • A sense that you’ve tried everything to enjoy a fruitful career and financial abundance . . . and nothing seems to be “it”
    • A pull to change your life to be more aligned with your spiritual path

    When you get that nudge, that calling, over and over again, it’s a voice that can’t be ignored. Listen to your inner guidance—to what your soul is trying to tell you through the layers of noise.

    When you repetitively receive the same thoughts or feelings, they will absolutely lead you somewhere.

    In this course, Doreen and Charles take a look at a key question: Do you wake up on Monday morning excited about the week to come—in every part of your life? After all, that’s what God intends for each and every one of us.

    Searching out this answer is one of the most important journeys you’ll ever take, because it’s all about finding the meaning of your life. If you’d like to make your income with meaningful work, then this remarkable course—full of meditations, visualizations, affirmations, prayers, and journaling exercises, plus other bonus material—will help you to get answers and insights about your next steps. 

    And even if you’re not looking for a career change right now, this course will still offer you tools to enact your birthright: your God-given life purpose. The reward of peace and fulfillment is undeniable.

    There aren't many things in life which can bring you the sustainable amount of joy, fulfillment, and peace that living your purpose can and will.

    —Charles Virtue

    The course has two main purposes:

    1. Self-exploration: To help you pinpoint the divine reason you chose to come to this planet.

    2. Forging a meaningful career path: To guide you to the first steps about how to craft a viable and fulfilling work life.

    Even if you are not yet ready to take a leap into the unknown, Doreen and Charles show you ways to make your present job more life-purpose-friendly. Four in-depth and enjoyable lessons teach you to lift your blocks so that you can enjoy the support and success of focusing upon your divine mission.

    Whether you are called to be a spiritual teacher, healer, author, speaker, musician, or technology innovator—or a parent, raising your kids to be fabulous contributors—you are needed on this planet. You could be the one who creates solutions for making the world a better place!

    In this exciting online course, you’ll receive:

    • Step-by-step guidance, demonstrations, and experiential self-exploration techniques 
    • An interactive digital Life Purpose Oracle Cards deck to draw cards alongside Doreen and Charles 
    • Meditations and visualizations—along with personal stories and candid career guidance —to anchor each lesson 
    • Exclusive information on how Archangel Michael and Nathaniel guide your life purpose

    A dream career—a dream life—is not a pipe dream. It’s not something just for a select lucky few . . . it’s something that you absolutely can manifest. Your dreams can support you personally, professionally, and financially—and this course will show you how to get there. So dream big!


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    “Fortitude is never to let perceived setbacks become permanent roadblocks.”

    ~Charles Virtue

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Finding Your True Calling and Passion

    In this first lesson, Doreen and Charles start off by defining the terms life purpose, Divine mission, and the like, and contrasting your career and spiritual path. They also detail the benefits of finding your life purpose and invite you to explore your natural interests, calling to mind the childhood question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Your answers, as well as whom you admire or envy, hold important clues about your true life purpose.

    Lesson 2: Life-Purpose Reading

    In this lesson, Doreen and Charles invite you to further explore the specific form your life purpose takes, touching on the basic categories that correspond to the chakra aura colors. Follow along as they discuss how to give yourself or another a life-purpose reading, and allow yourself to be guided through an experiential demonstration of how to tune in to auras with Doreen. You’ll learn to trust your knowingness, including noticing all of the signs from above.

    Lesson 3: Aligning Your Life With Your Life Purpose

    You don’t necessarily have to quit your day job to bring purpose to your life. Instead of abruptly leaving your steady employment, you can make a gradual and smooth transition into purpose-based work. In this lesson, you’ll learn basic abundance manifestation principles that will allow you to meet your responsibilities and fulfill your inner calling. Doreen and Charles demonstrate how to get clarity about the direction you’re heading—including the pros and cons of opening your own business versus working for someone else—through raw self-honesty. In addition, you’ll learn to develop courage, belief, motivation, and other inner resources to take that all-important next step.

    Lesson 4: Your Life Purpose As Your Career

    In this final lesson, Doreen and Charles get down to the nitty-gritty of making a living in a way that inspires and satisfies you . . . and benefits others. They show you how to tame the ego and contend with critics, as well as form a business plan and market your purpose-based work to sensitive, spiritually minded consumers. With practical tips on success, abundance, recognition, and facing down fears, you will be ideally positioned to start experiencing the blessings of living the path of your life purpose.

    Bonuses and In-Course Webinar: Bonuses and In-Course Webinar

    Progression Meditation to Discover Your Life Purpose

    Join Doreen in this exclusive progression meditation (similar to a regression, except that you glimpse your future instead of your past). As she leads you through an evocative guided visualization, you’ll see yourself living the life of your dreams, imagining yourself perfectly supported and satisfied. By connecting with your future through meditation, you will plant the seed for this energy to become manifest, speeding along its fruition into form.

    Meditation for Deservingness and Confidence-Building

    With this soul-nourishing meditation, Charles leads you to release fears and build self-belief with the angels. You’ll affirm your deservingness to receive abundance, fulfillment, and all the rewards and blessings of following your Divinely orchestrated path. Allowing Archangel Michael to lift you to a higher vibration, you will signal your readiness to move forward and successfully take up the mantle of your life’s mission and calling.

    Signs from Above

    Your guardian angels are continually giving you messages, frequently through signs—such as seeing rainbows or repetitive number sequences, finding coins or feathers, and hearing meaningful songs—to guide you to your life purpose. In this fascinating book, Doreen and Charles teach you how to understand the signs that are always around you. You’ll gain comfort from reading true stories of how angels have answered prayers by giving clear signs revealing their love and protection. You’ll also learn how to ask the angels for signs, along with specific prayers for your relationships, career, health, and other vital areas of your life.

    Manifesting with the Angels

    Allow Heaven to help you while you fulfill your life purpose! If you enjoyed Doreen’s bonus Progression Meditation video, you’ll love this powerful audio, in which she guides you through a half-hour-long progression—which you can download and listen to anytime, anywhere! Doreen explains how your life purpose is fulfilled in your highest reality and shows how the angels seek to support you while you manifest your mission. In addition, she takes you through the steps of purposeful manifestation, and discusses four common pitfalls that can block manifestations and how to avoid them.

    Manifesting with Archangel Nathanie

    In the past few years a brand-new powerful energy has been among us: Archangel Nathaniel. This amazing being of Heaven, whose name means “Gifts of God,” is here to help us make the changes needed to open the doors to our deepest dreams and desires. In this 1.5-hour seminar with Charles, you’ll learn what manifestation is; how you can clear away your fears; and ways to call in the angels and work directly with them—including evoking the power of the magnificent Archangel Nathaniel in your life so that you can finally move on to that “next step” on your path.

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