Forgiveness / Loving The Inner Child by Louise Hay

    Forgiveness / Loving The Inner Child

    by  Louise Hay

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 9/1/04

    ISBN: 9781401909376

    Narrated By: Louise L. Hay

    Version: Abridged

    Through the visualization techniques on this audio program, Louise L. Hay creates a safe atmosphere so that you can forgive others and love the child within you. Your inner childs depends on you for the love and approval that you may not have received when you were a child. Going within and learning to love and comfort that inner child will bring many wonderful changes to the quality of your life.
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    By MaryLynne Hallot on Aug 13, 2018

    Forgiveness is the bouquet which makes you strong, it’s essence enlarges your prospects - it is the scent that florets give when they are trampled. If executed correctly, one eludes the stench of the odious that they end up doubting their exsistence and are unable to perceive the colour 8. Which even in the longest moments when you do not fit in, you stand out by being their for yourself. Louise Hay ( ‘ Louie-Louise’) taught me that. I am grateful.

    By cristina on Aug 03, 2016