Healer, Psychic, Medium by James Van Praagh

    Healer, Psychic, Medium

    Discover Your Unique Spiritual Gifts

    by  James Van Praagh

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    A 6-Lesson Online Course with Psychic Medium, trusted spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author, James Van Praagh

    • Do you feel called to do spirit work, but you don’t know which path to take or where to begin?
    • Do you ever wonder what spiritual gifts you have, and how to use them to improve your life and the lives of others?
    • Do you often question your perceptions, intuitions, or even your path in life?
    In this fascinating new online course with world renowned medium and trusted spiritual teacher, James Van Praagh, you’ll learn what you are uniquely called to do while on earth. Whether you feel called to be a healer, intuitive, or medium (or even a philosopher, writer or artist), this course gives you the confidence and the know-how to express your unique spiritual gifts. When you connect with the light and love from spirit, you’ll easily access your intuition and hear the voice within calling you to express your gifts.

    "If you're on the path you're meant to be on, everything falls into place; the Universe is telling you that. If you are not on the right path, you will experience roadblocks all along the way, and this is also the Universe telling you to stop, look, and ask if this is where you are supposed to be."
    - James Van Praagh

    The Healer, Psychic, Medium Online Course  is for you if:

    • You’ve ever experienced a deep knowing that you are called to heal others
    • You wish to develop and enhance your psychic intuitive skills to improve your own life or help others improve their lives
    • You can sense the energy in a room or see colors around people
    • You question why you are here and struggle finding a meaningful purpose
    • You want to honor your feelings and perceptions without doubting or dismissing what you feel or sense
    • You are a writer or artist but don’t feel confident in your abilities
    • You are a seeker – always learning and growing in all areas of life
    • You’ve always been curious about karma, near-death, out-of-body or past-life regressions
    • You want to access your spiritual power for a deeper connection with yourself and with others
    • You know that there is more to you and you are ready to explore your spiritual essence more deeply

    What’s Included in this Healer, Psychic, Medium Online Course:

    • 6 Comprehensive and Confidence Building Video Lessons
    • Healer, Psychic Intuitive, Medium Course Journal
    • Explorative Journal Exercises to Practice and Develop Your Spiritual Gifts
    • Exclusive Guided Meditations
    Never doubt your gut feelings or what you sense as knowing again! Learn to honor your truth and your calling to do important spirit or creative work. The world needs your light and you are here now to discover your gifts and use them in your time here on earth to realize your dreams and to help others realize theirs.

    This comprehensive and engaging course includes James’s Healer, Psychic, Medium Course Journal so you can track your insights and progress as you work through each lesson. You’ll also have access to downloadable audio meditations created specifically for this online course you can use again and again to further develop and nurture your spiritual gifts.

    "The mystery of life doesn’t seem so mysterious if you venture inward and listen to your soul’s voice."


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    "We all are eternal spirits and the love we create on this earth is what we take with us when it is time to venture back home to the Spirit world."

    - James Van Praagh

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: It’s Not What You Think—It’s What You Feel: Laying the Groundwork for Intuition

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to access your innate intuitive power. By practicing quieting the mind, you awaken to the voice of your soul. Using mesmerizing meditations and insightful journaling exercises, you’ll be guided through discerning your gut feelings from your thoughts so you can make more soul-centered decisions in your life.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Gain confidence in your perceptions
    • Differentiate between gut feeling and thought
    • Honor your truth
    • Nurture your unique spiritual gifts

    Bonus downloadable audio meditations include:

    • Quieting the Mind
    • Listening to Your Inner Voice
    • Discovering Your Unique Spiritual Gifts

    Lesson 2 : Working with Your Guides

    Learn all about the loving celestial beings that surround you each and every day; your spirit guides. In this lesson, James explains the various kinds of guides that exist and guides you step-by-step in connecting with your spirit guides.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Meet and feel your spirit guide with a mind-journey meditation
    • Use a powerful journal exercise to make you more aware of and learn how to work with your spirit guides
    • Discover special symbols from your spirit guides meant just for you

    Bonus downloadable audio meditations include:

    • Connecting with Your Guide
    • The Meeting Room
    • Receiving Symbols from Your Guides

    Lesson 3: Touching the Spirit World: All About Mediumship

    In this fascinating lesson, you’ll discover everything you need to know about this special spiritual calling. You’ll also learn the important differences between psychics and mediums so you can determine which path is right for you. After this lesson, you’ll feel encouraged to step into your power as a communicator with those who have passed over – but who have never really left us.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Become aware of your own power
    • Open up to the spirit world
    • Transfix (become one with) with spirit
    • 4 techniques for linking with spirit
    • Ethics and responsibilities of mediumship
    • The Development Circle – next steps of mediumship

    Bonus downloadable audio meditations include:

    • Becoming Aware of Your Own Power
    • Opening Up to the Spirit World
    • Transfixing with Spirit

    Lesson 4: Bringing Balance with Healing

    Gain valuable insights on the importance of healing as a spirit worker. James shares a powerful chakra meditation to clear old or foreign energies in your body that impede your light. You’ll assess your physical and emotional ailments and discover what they are here to teach you. At the close of this lesson, James will perform an incredible one-on-one energy-clearing demonstration with a live participant!

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Clear old energies and transmute to love energy
    • Create health in 8 steps
    • Use affirmations and meditations for healing
    • Create total balance in the body and mind
    • Bring healing to others

    Bonus downloadable audio meditations include:

    • Clearing Old Energies & Transmuting to Love
    • Healing (Forgiveness) Meditation
    • Learning What Your Body Has to Teach You
    • Bringing Healing to Others

    Lesson 5: Your Soul’s Road of Many Lifetimes

    Prepare for mind-blowing expansion! James explores riveting topics like karma, reincarnation, past lives, and soul groups. James will take you on a past-life regression where you explore three different lifetimes to see what your soul has learned throughout time and what patterns you may be repeating. You’ll also learn why life on Earth is a school and you are a student who has come to learn soul lessons that are specific to you.


    • Learn what the soul is
    • Discover what soul lessons you are here to learn
    • Explore past-life regression
    • Learn the gifts of your soul & your soul group

    Bonus downloadable audio meditations include:

    • The Three Doors Past-Life Regression

    Lesson 6: Living the Life of a Spirit Worker

    In this final lesson, James revisits the three major disciplines in spirit work and helps you determine which discipline to pursue more in depth. You’ll be led through a powerful exercise to practice using your new abilities. You’ll also experience a special mirror meditation where you’ll assess your auric field – you’ll see how your soul expresses itself in colors and feelings. You are a welcomed spirit worker and your unique abilities are needed!

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Assess your auric field
    • Determine the spirit work that most resonates with you
    • Practice your new skills and abilities
    • Remember who you really are
    • Connect with the light of your being

    Bonus downloadable audio meditations include:

    • Assessing Your Auric Field
    • Practicing Your Abilities
    • Remembering Who You Are

    Bonuses: Bonuses

    “As you close your eyes in the physical human world,” James says, “you illuminate the inside world.” As a special bonus, James has included audio versions of the exclusive meditations he featured in the course. You can download these and practice them anytime, anywhere, to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with the spirit realm.

    In Course Webinar:

    This in-course webinars allow you a special opportunity to gain insight about your mediumship or soul connection and learn from others in the community. This webinar will help you get an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By Maryanne on Aug 22, 2018

    I really enjoyed your course and learned a lot from your teachings.

    By Julianna on Apr 04, 2017

    Im SO glad i found you. This course have changed my life in so many different ways, and i know that Im just at the beginning of it all. Im from Denmark, and even though American isn´t my language, i found it so easy to follow all the way. I can´t stop smiling when I see your inviting face og there is just so much trust and safety in your voice, when you speake in the guided meditations. This course have helped me so much to understand myself and the world around me and have giving me the insight in some of the things I wouldn't´t have got otherwise. I know that this is just my first babysteps on the path of knowledge, but im feel so safe now, to keep following it. All my love, warm thoughts and hope of blessings for you.