Healing with Heaven Online Course by Doreen Virtue

    Healing with Heaven Online Course

    by  Doreen Virtue

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    4-Week Online Course with Doreen Virtue

    We are made in God’s image: we are joyful, we are holy, we are sacred, and we’re healthy—emotionally and physically. If we seem to be not healthy, it’s almost always because of the intrusion of some negative energy that has thrown us off balance, and it is this energy that needs to be addressed.

    In this powerful course, Doreen not only explains but also demonstrates with special video effects how to connect with God’s energy for healing. With a real-life participant she shows you, step-by-step, how to work with these healing methods so you are confident that you know exactly what to do. After all, it’s one thing to talk about healing with Heaven; it’s quite another to see it happen before your very eyes!

    In four information-packed lessons, you’ll learn how to:

    • Sense the vibrating energy of God’s healing love and light, funneled through the angels
    • Call upon the predominant healing angels—Archangels Michael and Raphael—as well as the blessed sacred heart of Jesus, Mother Mary, and Holy Spirit
    • Counter any negativity trying to come into your life so it “bounces” away
    • Shield yourself, your loved ones, and your clients spiritually
    • Heal unhealthy habits (because—let’s face it—some health issues are self-imposed)
    • Remain spiritually safe and protected as you do healing work for yourself and for others 
    • Rely on your steady confidence in the healing power of God

    Of the many courses Doreen has felt called to create, this one holds a special place in her heart, because she presents so much material she’s never before spoken or written about. We also utilize special video effects so that you can see what etheric cords, energy shields, and spiritual healing look like. You are truly on the pioneering front of doing Heavenly healing work! Share in her vision of the next wave of God-directed healing .

    Whatever it is that you need help healing, whether it’s physical or emotional pain or recovery from an injury or illness, Heaven is here for you—as well as your loved ones and clients.

    Perhaps you’ve been through a loss, breakup, or change in your life; you’re considering becoming a professional healer; or you just don’t feel good about yourself and your self-esteem has been wavering lately . . . regardless, the Heavenly healing methods Doreen shares in this extraordinary course can address your concern.

    Not only that, healing with Heaven is something that can be done in conjunction with traditional medical intervention and methods.



    A lesson is released each week, on our private online learning website. This allows you to learn at your own pace. Each lesson is filled with engaging and informative videos.


    Lessons are available on desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Listen and watch anywhere you have an Internet or cell signal.


    Live Webinar session with Doreen Virtue. This webinar will allow you to ask questions and will help you get a deeper grasp on the tools and techniques in the course.


    Throughout this course, you’ll have downloadable documents, tips and other guides that will help you effortlessly implement the techniques learned in the lessons as well as for future reference as you make changes in your life.


    You can take the course at your own pace for best results, and then return to it again even after you complete the course! You’ll be able to return to and review lessons for a deeper understanding as you apply the knowledge you've gained — and to reinforce what you've learned.


    This course's video content provided by HayHouseU.com has closed captioning available.



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    "God has wonderful plans for you and will give you Divine assignments!"

    Doreen Virtue

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Preparing for Spiritual Healing

    In this first lesson, you’ll be inspired as Doreen recounts true stories of miraculous spiritual healings and introduces Heaven’s healing “dream team”: God, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Jesus, Mother Mary, and the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn how to use prayer and meditation before and during your healing work so you can connect and check in with Heaven; clear the path of healing; and open yourself up to be a Divine healing instrument safely and confidently with the blessings of God.

    Lesson 2: Clearing Etheric Cords of Negativity

    Etheric cords extend from your energy body to whatever it is you have a fear-based relationship with. In this key lesson, you’ll discover how to clear these cords in order to experience a new level of loving bliss. Doreen also introduces a special guest volunteer to demonstrate some on-the-spot cord cutting and release work . . . and showcase the miraculous effects of this remarkable technique of spiritual healing. 

    Lesson 3: Clearing Energy

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the technique of vacuuming to release any sort of psychic toxins that you, your loved one, or your client may have absorbed. Demonstrating head-to-toe sweeping and shielding with Archangel Michael, Doreen guides you to lift away any energy not in the light (including psychic curses). As you’ll see, this negativity-clearing work is both highly practical and actually quite beautiful, as it ensures that you can keep your heart wide-open and stay positive and loving as a healer.

    Lesson 4: Practical Applications of Divine Energy Healing

    In this final lesson, Doreen takes healing with Heaven to an even deeper and more practical level so that you stay energized, focused, and confident in your abilities. Learn how to avoid burnout by being a vessel of healing love from God, rather than calling upon your own human energy. Then follow along as Doreen demonstrates the Divine solution to addictive cravings, as well as how to harness the spiritual gift known as medical intuition, where you can actually see what’s going on inside your body and those of people you’re doing healing work on. You’ll awaken your clairvoyance, opening up your spiritual sight, so you can scan for areas of darkness and blocks and invite in the healing light of God.

    Bonuses: Bonuses and In-Course Webinars

    Bell Jar Healing Visualization 

    Vacuuming works not only on people but also on buildings. As a spiritual healer appointed by God, you can help release negative energy trapped within the walls of buildings you live and work in or that affect you. With this exclusive visualization technique, Doreen guides you to call upon God, Jesus, and Archangel Michael to encase government buildings, prisons, hospitals, or even schools—anywhere a lot of suffering might be going on inside—in an etheric bell jar to suction out the dark energy, sending it to Heaven for healing and transmuting. 

    In-Course Webinar

    Take part in this special opportunity to work with Doreen. She will answer questions about connecting with God and his holy angels to discern your healing path. This is your chance to gain access to her unique insights and get a deeper grasp on the tools and the techniques in the course.

    By natasha on Mar 20, 2018

    A really great course I highly recommed it.I learned a lot about cord cutting with God,Jesus,Mother Mary and the beautiful angels and got a great healing as well mostly for myself.And part of the course includes a very powerful Jesus healing.