Healthy is the New Skinny by Katie H. Willcox

    Healthy is the New Skinny

    Your Guide to Self-Love in a "Picture Perfect" World

    by  Katie H. Willcox

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    Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

    Publication Date: 12/21/16

    ISBN: 9781401947217

    We live in a world where beauty is everything. Society tells us that if we just looked a certain way, if we had the right products, if we were skinny enough, then we would be enough—we would have value. Society is wrong, but it took Katie H. Willcox years to understand this:

    “Over the course of my 30 short years, I have both worked as a professional model and been the exact opposite of our culture’s beauty ideal. I have struggled with my weight and felt like I didn’t and never would fit in. Then I had a powerful realization: my misery and self-loathing didn’t change with my weight or how ‘pretty’ society thought I was, so my looks weren’t the source of happiness and worth that I had believed them to be. But then, what was? And how had I come to invest so much of myself in beliefs that were so untrue?”

    In these pages, Katie shares the lessons she learned in her journey to find the answers to these questions. She reveals who gains from our feeling small and why we need to examine the messages we receive from our culture and our families. She explains how we can redefine beauty, make healthy the new “skinny,” and harness the power of our thoughts to choose self-love. Katie encourages us to discover our true magnificent selves, find our purpose, and pursue our dreams—and help others to do the same.

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    By funbunchjw1 on Dec 30, 2016

    This book offers insight as to why women struggle with self love and the influence of media. Katie tells her story as a plus size model and learning what is important in life. She also offers exercises to increase your awareness of negative messaging and how to nurture self love and acceptance. Easy read and very informative. All teenage girls should read this book!