Insight by Sylvia Browne


    Case Files from the Psychic World

    by  Sylvia Browne

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    Publisher: High Bridge Company

    Publication Date: 7/1/06

    ISBN: 1598870319

    Insight is Sylvia Browne’s exploration of the experiences she has had during psychic readings over the course of her career. Opening up completely, Sylvia shares her thoughts on the significance of her gift and its impact on others as she tells her stories about life as a psychic.

    Covering a wide variety of subjects, including Love/Romance/Relationships, Health/Illness, Family/Children, Finances, Spiritual Issues (past lives), Legal Issues/Cases (inheritance, property), Pets, and Lost Items, Insight is Sylvia’s generous reflections about being a psychic and her compassion for her subjects—in other words, everything about her that her hundreds of thousands of fans adore.
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