La Naturaleza Del Bien Y Del Mal by Sylvia Browne

    La Naturaleza Del Bien Y Del Mal

    by  Sylvia Browne

    eBooks 13.95 USD $13.95

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 6/1/02

    ISBN: 9781401932411

    We constantly see the "senseless violence" in our world, and it begs the question "How can God allow this to exist?" Indeed, many people simply reject any notion of a God for this very reason. It is a struggle to continue being good when all around you the "bad people" seem to get ahead more easily. Each day becomes a series of choices, stay on the good path or veer off‑track for quick gain. The choices you make will directly impact your soul's perfection.

    This book gives you the philosophical framework to understand the nature of good and evil. When you see how evil originated, and why it thrives in our world, you are more prepared to face it and overcome it. Knowledge is power, and this book gives you an enormous power boost to see the bigger picture of God's plan. Surprisingly you need not fear "evil spirits" nor "curses" ‑ which are mere stories bred from ignorance. And how would you like to serve as one of God's warriors of Light? We tell you how to enlist.

    Finally, Sylvia presents all of her information in the form of her Spiritual Organization "Novus Spiritus" (meaning New Spirit). By combining her philosophy and theology she creates a spiritual umbrella which rises above traditional religion. All paths to knowing God have merit; Sylvia simply invites you to know God in your own way, free of dogma and fear.