Left to Tell Wristband by Immaculée Ilibagiza

    Left to Tell Wristband

    Charitable Donation

    by  Immaculée Ilibagiza


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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 1/1/06

    ISBN: Z109

    ALL proceeds from the LEFT TO TELL Wristbands will go to the LEFT TO TELL Charitable Fund, which helps the children of Africa build better lives. Purple band imprinted with "Left to Tell" and "Find Inspiration". You can also make a tax deductible donation to the foundation.

    Mail donations to:
    LEFT TO TELL Charitable Fund
    P.O. Box 5100
    Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100

    There is a documentary that’s being produced about Immaculee’s story. Visit www.diaryofimmaculee.com for details.

    “I am humbled by the extraordinary spirituality that shines throughout Immaculée Ilibagiza’s story of terror, endurance, healing, and forgiveness. As a Rwandan, I am proud that we can look beyond the misconceived differences that resulted in the murder of so many of our children, men, and women in 1994. Immaculée’s account of genocide survival is truly astonishing. It gives us hope of overcoming the divisions deliberately created by those with self-serving agendas and no thought for humanity. Everyone should read this story—survivors as well as perpetrators. I hope that all can experience Immaculée’s profound spiritual transformation and be inspired to work for a united and lasting nation.”
    — Jeannette Kagame, First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda

    Left To Tell Charitable Fund

    The Rwandan genocide left many children without homes and families. After surviving this tragic event, Immaculee Ilibagiza vowed to raise money to help not only orphaned children in Rwanda, but all children of Africa to build better lives. This dream has become a reality with Immaculee’s Left to Tell Charitable Fund.

    What is the mission of The Left to Tell Charitable Fund?
    The mission of the LTTCF is to assist orphans in Rwanda with educational needs, providing scholarships to school-age children. Immaculee’s parents were both educators in Rwanda; the LTTCF was inspired by and established to honor their memory. The LTTCF was formed by Hay House, Inc., the publisher of Immaculee’s best selling book, Left to Tell; Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust (2006).

    What are the demographics of your recipients? 
    The LTTCF helps children of primary school age through college, granting scholarships that provide such things as school clothes, fees, materials, and food in some cases. To date, the LTTCF has helped more than 500 children. The logistics of distributing aid to children are handled by two Rwandan nuns. It is a goal of the Fund to build an entirely new school in the future.

    A scholarship for a college student in Rwanda is $1,000. School-age scholarships are $500. For example, a donation of $5,000 would enable the LTTCF to provide scholarships to ten students in Rwanda.

    How is the LTTCF supported financially? What are the sources of income? 
    The LTTCF is funded mostly through a percentage of book sales from Immaculee’s first book, Left to Tell. ALL proceeds of book sales in Africa are donated directly to the LTTCF. Other sources of income include sales of Left to Tell bracelets, private donations, and a percentage of money generated through Immaculee’s speaking engagements.

    How is the money in the LTTCF distributed? 
    The money from the LTTCF is given directly to charities in Africa with an emphasis on Rwanda. Since the fund is owned and operated by Hay House, Inc., and is not a separate entity, there are no administration, fundraising, or salary costs.

    Does the LTTCF require recipients to be of a particular religious denomination or persuasion?
    No! The LTTCF assists any child in need.

    Special thanks to the Duval High School French Club of Lanham, Maryland for their recent generous donation of $1,700! Your donation helps to the change the lives of these beautiful children offering them education, healthcare and life-skills classes. Thank you so much!