Lessons of a Lakota by Billy Mills

    Lessons of a Lakota

    A Young Man's Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding

    by  Billy Mills


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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 6/1/05

    ISBN: 9781401905651

    In this Native American allegory, a young Lakota boy named David is despondent over the death of his sister and fears that he will never know happiness again. His father gives him a the gift of a scroll with seven pictures, which properly understood, hold the keys to self-understanding.

    In an entertaining and deeply moving way, Lessons of a Lakota blends traditional Native American beliefs in meditation, dreams, and respect for the harmony and balance of nature, with more modern principles such as positive thinking and self-awareness.

    This book will teach you about yourself, show you what it means to be happy, and lead you on your own personal journey to inner peace.