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Death is a frightening, confusing, and even unmentionable topic for many of us. Yet, it doesn’t have to be.

Now in this profoundly enlightening online lecture, David Kessler, co-author with Elisabeth Kübler Ross of two best-selling books and now one of the world’s most renowned experts on grief and loss, helps you and your loved ones face life and death with peace, dignity, and courage. Whether you’ve always been afraid of death, know someone who is dying, are struggling with grief from losing someone in your life, or are facing your own mortality, David’s insight will bring you hope, comfort, and love to life's final chapter.

In particular, David will discuss:
• How to come to terms with death and rise above fears about it;
• How to discuss end of life issues with family, friends, physicians, and hospital staff;
• Why birth is not a beginning and death is not an ending;
• How to help others meet the needs of the dying;
• Overcoming barriers to hospice;
• And, much more.

David also shares hopeful and heartfelt stories about what happens when we die.

David Kessler is one of the most well-known experts and lecturers on death and dying and grief and loss. He co-authored two bestsellers with the legendary Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: On Grief and Grieving and Life Lessons. Kessler was honored to have been with Kübler-Ross during her passing. He joins Hay House with his book, Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms: Who and What You See Before You Die.

His first book, The Needs of the Dying, a #1 best-selling hospice book, received praise by Mother Teresa. His services have been used by Elizabeth Taylor, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Marianne Williamson when their loved ones faced life-challenging illnesses. He also worked with the late actors Anthony Perkins and Michael Landon.

Kessler has appeared on CNN, NBC, PBS, and Entertainment Tonight. He has been interviewed on Oprah & Friends and writes for Oprah.com and Anderson Cooper 360. Kessler has been a guest on national television shows to discuss Michael Jackson’s death, and he was mentioned in the book My Journey with Farrah about Alana Stewart and Farrah Fawcett. For more information on David, please visit www.Grief.com.

“David Kessler is my friend and student. He carries on my work, and his book will help.”
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.

“I so remember David Kessler in the old days of The Hayride, a support group I started. His very presence with those approaching death was like being enveloped in a safe, cozy space. No harm could come to you if David was around. In fact, I recently asked him to be there when it is my time to go.”
— Louise L. Hay

Don’t miss this extraordinary On Demand online lecture as David helps you find peace, hope, and courage.