The Magic of Metaphysics by Carmen Harra

    The Magic of Metaphysics

    by  Carmen Harra

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    ISBN: ZD76

    Narrated By: Carmen Harra

    Version: Unabridged

    Unleash the Magic of Metaphysics and reawaken your unlimited power with the one and only Dr. Carmen Harra!

    In this fascinating online course, Carmen teaches you how to break through your physical boundaries and self-imposed limitations so you can reconnect with the Divine source of ultimate empowerment and nourishment. As Carmen shares her unique blend of expertise in metaphysics, psychology, and spirituality, you’ll learn how to raise your consciousness and tap into the power of Metaphysical Law so you can reclaim your true nature, heal yourself on a mind-body-spirit level, and create your brightest future.

    Over your three lessons with Carmen, you’ll connect with the sacred power of the Metaphysical Realm so you can:
    • Rediscover the true meaning and purpose to your life
    • Heal diseases and ailments naturally
    • Realign your body, mind, and spirit into a harmonious balance
    • Banish feelings of isolation, depression, or anxiety
    • Connect to the "other side" and receive guidance from loved ones who have passed on
    • Reawaken your creativity to envision a better future
    • Unite with others and work together for a brighter tomorrow
    • Welcome change in your life and in our greater community
    • Foster unconditional fulfillment in your life
    • And much more!

    Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to align with the Divine source and harness its unlimited power. Discover your true potential and learn how to take action to finally change your life!

    Lesson details:

    Lesson 1: A Higher Dimension: The Metaphysical Realm
    What if you could easily transcend the barrier of the physical world and tap into the higher dimension? What hidden powers of the mind and soul would you discover? How could you apply your newfound abilities to fill your life with joy, hope, and abundance?
    We are all inherently linked to the Divine, but many of us have fallen out of touch with this saving grace. In this lesson, Carmen teaches you the truth about the metaphysical realm and its undeniable influence on every aspect of your life.

    Lesson 2: Divine Laws vs. Manmade Laws
    Join Carmen as she explains the differences between eternal principles and manmade rules and shows you how to realign yourself with the Divine laws to unleash your unending potential.

    Lesson 3: Find the Metaphysical Magic in Your Life
    There are many simple steps you can take to motivate metaphysical magic in your daily life. Carmen guides you step by step to infuse the Divine into all levels of your being. When you live in constant connection to the higher realm, you receive Spirit's infinite mercy and compassion, as an unborn receives sustenance from its mother. In this lesson, you’ll discover practical methods to draw in Divine help when you need it most, reconnect to the sacred source of nourishment, and attain absolute harmony in your life!

    This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.
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