Managing People by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

    Managing People

    ...What's Personality Got To Do With It?

    by  Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

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    Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

    Publication Date: 3/1/07

    ISBN: 9781401910341

    Success in life is significantly dependent upon our ability to manage—on the job, in governmental and educational institutions, and in our personal lives. We need to understand what has to be accomplished, communicate with those who are supposed to get it done, and achieve a desired result through their efforts. While the focus of this book is on management interactions in the working world based on personality colors, the principles and processes it presents are equally applicable in any situation.
    This work by best-selling author Carol Ritberger will not only help you understand why people consistently and predictably do the things they do, but will also make you aware of the challenges and limitations of your own traits. You’ll learn how to utilize the knowledge and understanding of personality differences to supervise, influence, and motivate your subordinates, peers, and associates. Overall, it will bring color to your life as a manager!
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