Manifesting with Archangel Nathaniel by Charles Virtue

    Manifesting with Archangel Nathaniel

    by  Charles Virtue

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    Publication Date: 5/24/11

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    While there are an almost limitless number of Archangels in existence, 15 of them have been working very closely with humanity over the past few decades. Each Archangel brings a unique and powerful energy to our planet and into our lives, and each serves a divine, heavenly purpose to humanity. As our civilization and souls evolve, the number and types of Archangels that regularly interact with us changes. In the past few years a brand new powerful energy has been among us: Archangel Nathaniel. His name means “Gifts of God,” and this amazing being of heaven is here to help us make the changes we need to open the doors to our deepest dreams and desires.

    In this Audio Download, renowned author and angel practitioner Charles Virtue teaches you how to evoke the power of this magnificent Archangel into your life so that you can finally begin moving to that “next step” on your path. Archangel Nathaniel clearly says, “The time for change, the time for happiness is now.” And as Charles’s mother acclaimed clairvoyant Doreen Virtue says, “We are ALL needed right now.” The key to being in service to humanity is first allowing happiness into your life so that you may share your lessons and the gifts of guidance with all who are guided to learn from you. Archangel Nathaniel wants to work with us all to begin accelerating the shift of consciousness on our planet so peace and happiness can finally reign.

    In this powerful one and a half hour seminar with Charles, you’ll learn:

    • What manifestation is
    • How the angels help you manifest
    • How you can clear any of your fears about allowing happiness
    • How to call in the angels and work directly with them
    • Powerful ways to call in Archangel Nathaniel and what to expect
    • And much more!

    Here’s a special message to you from Charles:

    “I’m honored to have this opportunity to work with all of you who feel guided to listen to this online seminar. I’m excited to share all that I have learned and channeled from the angels about finally awakening to a higher purpose!”
    -Charles Virtue
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    By Victoria on Nov 15, 2017

    Okay, so I have only has the courage and desperation to meditate to this Archangel twice because while you definitely get what you want, you have to be made of spiritual and emotional steel to withstand the transitions because they anything but smooth! Archangel Nathaniel can seem brutal in the way that he works. He pushes you beyond comprehensible measures to the point where the changes and shifts can feel overwhelming and difficult. If you are ready for a true change, at any cost, then go ahead.

    By Chrissy on Aug 25, 2017

    I absolutely loved listening to the wisdom and learning new perspectives! So many wondering tools and advise are shared. I was pleasantly surprised to meet other lightworkers and touched by their stories throughout this course. I am grateful. Blessings to you all! Chrissy