Meant To Be: Understanding the Dynamic of Fate and Free Will in Relationships by Carmen Harra

    Meant To Be: Understanding the Dynamic of Fate and Free Will in Relationships

    by  Carmen Harra

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    From teaching us karmic lessons to shifting us out of our comfort zone, each one of our relationships serves a unique purpose. But why do some people come and go as quickly as the seasons while others remain for a lifetime? The unpredictability of relationships makes many of us wonder, “Why is this person in my life? Will this relationship last?”

    In this fascinating and powerful three-part online course, Carmen reveals the real meaning behind your past and present love relationships and helps you evaluate whether they’ve been built on fate, free will, or both. Through carefully guided meditations, reflective exercises, and by speaking directly with Carmen, you will finally come to understand and embrace the karmic role of your relationships, both good and bad. Carmen will teach you how to distinguish the four types of relationships and apply necessary wisdom to cultivate romantic connections which thrive on every level of being.

    Course Description

    Lesson 1: The Truth of Your Relationship
    In the first week of this inspiring course, Carmen will decode the true purpose behind your love relationships so that you can navigate through them with ease and without negative emotions. You will be led through effective, introspective meditations which will cleanse your emotional self and purge your mind of confusions and misconceptions you may have about your relationship. You will be shown how to decipher whether your relationship is soulful, karmic, transitory, or compromise. By the end of the first lesson, you will be gently awakened to the truth of your relationship.

    Lesson 2: Fate vs. Free Will
    Carmen will discuss the dynamic between fate and free will and will help you understand how frequently relationships are determined by destiny versus your own freedom to choose. You will learn the critical steps to manifesting your given fate of being in a fulfilling relationship and the specific actions you will have to freely take. Carmen will explain the three karmic debts all relationships must pay. By acknowledging and clearing these debts, you no longer feel blocked from receiving unconditional love, and your fate and free will begin to work hand in hand to lead you towards your greatest relationship potential. This lesson will offer you a brand new awareness of love that’s meant to be in contrast to love you single-handedly create.

    Lesson 3: The Relationship of Past, Present, and Future
    The final lesson concentrates on breaking the negative patterns of past relationships. Whether you’re scarred from previous betrayal, display obsessive patterns, or continue to attract the same kind of partner, Carmen will teach you how to break free of repeatedly failed relationships by analyzing your subconscious memories, personal insecurities, and your family dynamic since birth – the three destructive forces holding you back from the relationship of your dreams. Carmen will walk you through powerful, step-by-step exercises aimed at purging you of harmful memories and perceived weaknesses so that your spirit can be free to foster incredible, devoted love.

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