Meditations for Personal Healing by Louise Hay

    Meditations for Personal Healing

    by  Louise Hay

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 7/29/05

    ISBN: 9781401909758

    Narrated By: Louise L. Hay

    Version: Unabridged

    Inspiring and relaxing, these 13 meditations read by Louise L. Hay will remind you of the beauty that surrounds you every day of your life...a beauty that is sometimes taken for granted.
    The meditations included are: Your Healing Light, Receiving Prosperity, Welcome the Child, Love Is Healing, We Are Free to Be Ourselves, A Circle of Love, Touching Your Inner Child, You Deserve Love, A New Decade, Spirit Am I, A World That Is Safe, The Light Has Come, and Feel Your Power.
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    By Frances on Feb 08, 2017

    When you listen to the meditations read by Louise Hay they have a wonderful energy that soothes and assists with healing. I found greater benefit once I listened while working with the "You can heal your life" book. I am very grateful for the audio. I didn't have access to it when first working with the book in 1997.