Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 3/1/02

    ISBN: 9781561709069

    This card deck makes it even easier than ever to give an amazingly accurate angel reading for yourself or others. Each card has a gorgeous angel painting, along with a one- or two-sentence message. The messages are specific and to-the-point, which makes for angel readings that have specific details and guidance. As before, the cards and accompanying booklet are positive and uplifting. However, they are much more detailed and give exact step-by-step guidance, rather than an ambiguous one-word meaning.
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    By Betty on Sep 04, 2016

    I have probably a dozen decks of angel cards, and when doing readings, my clients are drawn to this deck. I allow them to choose the deck we use for readings, and this is the most popular. I like the simple, straight forward answers, and I am amazed at the accuracy as clients resonate with the readings. This deck produces instant tears without my even saying a word!