Connecting with the Angels Made Easy by Kyle Gray

    Connecting with the Angels Made Easy

    by  Kyle Gray

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    Open to the Power of the Angels and Develop Your Spiritual Practice

    Since time began, angels have been mentioned all over the world in different spiritual traditions and been known by different names. When these pure divine spiritual beings see us in distress or lost in any way, they’re just waiting to be invited to present us with the solution.

    Angels can help us in a wide variety of ways and this course will enable you get to know your angels at a soul level, open up your spiritual practice and feel a much deeper connection.

    This exclusive online course includes:

    • Six video lessons with renowned angel expert Kyle Gray  
    • Practical exercises throughout – including prayers, visualisations and yoga 
    • Real-life stories of angel encounters 
    • Downloadable audio meditations 
    • PDF worksheets and a ‘Declaration of a lightworker’ certificate 

    You don’t have to have any special gifts to be able to work with the angels – you just need to learn how to uncover the connection that’s already inside you. Angel expert Kyle Gray will show you how you can achieve this through meditating, tuning in and opening up your spiritual energy centres. 

    This accessible and very practical course is full of fascinating accounts of angelic intervention, and techniques that you can try right away so that you can start to experience angels in your own life.

    "Angels want to guide you in the right direction. They are like a spiritual GPS system. When we ask angels to guide us, they will show us the way, one step at a time."


    During the seven-lesson course, you'll learn:

    • About the different types of angels and how they each work
    • How to talk to the angels and listen to their responses
    • Prayers, meditations and affirmations that will help you with different needs
    • How to open up your spiritual centres for a deeper connection
    • Ways to send healing to loved ones and those in need
    • How to interpret signs from the angels
    • Techniques to raise your vibration and activate spiritual protection
    • How to give an angel card reading
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    “Angels want to guide you in the right direction. They are like a spiritual GPS system. When we ask angels to guide us, they will show us the way, one step at a time.”

    ~ Kyle Gray

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Welcome to the world of angels

    Angels have always existed and appeared in different cultures throughout time. Kyle explains what an angel is and what role they can play in all of our lives, if we are willing to let them in. Angels can only help if we ask them and sometimes they can appear to us in real moments of need. Kyle has experienced their guidance first-hand and heard many miraculous accounts where they have come to people’s need in life-threatening situations. He introduces an angel prayer technique so that you can begin the first step of your journey to connect with the angels.

    Videos: Angels are real; What are angels?; Different types of angels; Calling all angels

    PDF: The angelic hierarchy

    Audio: Calling all angels

    Lesson 2: How angels can help you

    We are often overly concerned with living independent lives but in order to let the angels in we must acknowledge their presence and invite their guidance. They are already waiting for us; we just have to welcome their help. Kyle teaches us that by exuding the traits of an angel, we can experience their loving compassion back tenfold from the universe. In this lesson, you will also learn about asking the angels to help other people and be guided through a visualization to send healing to people in need.

    Videos: Gift of free will; The Spiritual Law of Grace; Angels and the bodhisattvas; Graceful angels

    PDF: Free will vs. grace

    Lesson 3: Seeing and feeling your angels

    How do we know what angels look like? Why do we see them this way? Kyle explains why angels are so much more than an image and a name. We can use our psychic senses to communicate with them, whether through clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience or claircognizance – we will all have strengths in one of these areas. Working with our chakras can also help us to connect with our own psychic senses. Kyle explains what the chakras are and how we can activate them to tune in to our spiritual senses.

    Videos: The image of angels; The names of angels; Using our non-physical senses; Chakras; Clearing the chakras – Exercise 1; Opening up spiritual senses – Exercise 2

    PDF: Clearing your chakras

    Audio: Meeting guardian angels

    Lesson 4: Raising your vibration

    Angels operate at a high-vibration frequency and we need to raise our vibration closer to theirs in order to connect with them deeply. There are many ways to raise our vibration and Kyle guides you through some of his favorite techniques. These tools will make you feel good, which in turn will draw forth the uplifting energy of the angels. He also shows you a simple yoga routine to help you relax, embody divine love and make the angels rejoice.

    Videos: Energy and vibrations; Vibrational toolkit; Embodying divine love – Exercise 3; Angel yoga – Exercise 4

    PDF: Angel affirmations

    Audio: Mindful meditation

    Lesson 5: Working with your angels

    You can communicate with your angels by speaking to them but you also need to make space for them in your life so that you can listen to them and receive their messages. Kyle guides us through examples of the different signs and reminders angels can send our way and explains how we can tell when an angel is sending us a sign. The angels will always be there with you and when you do have time to develop that connection, you will reap the benefits. Kyle explains some great techniques to help you receive wisdom from the angels as well as ask for their guidance.

    Videos: Your personal relationship with the angels; How angels can appear to us; Signs from heaven; Cultivating your spiritual practice

    PDF: Different types of sign

    Lesson 6: The angelic toolkit

    You are now ready for some great exercises that will help you enhance your spiritual connection. ‘Cutting the cords’ is a brilliant way to rid yourself of negative energy and disconnect from anything you no longer need. Activating spiritual protection is an act of self-love that will help you safeguard your energies. Angel healing will enable you to use the healing energy of the angels on yourself and others. Kyle gives a practical healing demonstration for you to try on your loved ones and also shows how to give an angel card reading so that you can interpret their special messages effectively.

    Videos: Cutting the cords – Exercise 5; Spiritual protection – Exercise 6; Angel healing – Exercise 7; Angel cards – Exercise 8

    PDF: Angel card reading

    Audio: Cutting the cords

    Bonus: Bonus

    Kyle summarizes the most important messages from the course and encourages you to continue working with your angels and practicing the techniques you’ve mastered. He sets an intention for the understanding that you have gained to benefit all beings around the world.

    Bonus video: Kyle’s story

    Bonus PDF: Declaration of a lightworker certificate

    By Debbie on Apr 18, 2018

    I can't say enough praise for Kyle Gray in this online class. He is such a pleasure to listen to. He's so informative. Half way through the course I purchased both of his decks!! And I love them!! He makes contacting your angels very easy and comforting. I'm glad he's sharing his knowledge of angels with the rest of the world. Namaste.

    By Julie on Nov 21, 2017

    Kyle is a good, practical and down to earth teacher and earth angel himself! I was impressed with his angel knowledge-base and ability to convey his teachings so well at such a young age! You ARE the new generation of HayHouse teachers, Kyle. I am impressed and humbled after taking this course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in angels. This course covers so many interesting topics.