Book Marketing Online Course by Reid Tracy

    Book Marketing Online Course

    by  Reid Tracy, Margarete Nielsen

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    Are you thinking about writing a book, or have you just finished writing a new book, or perhaps you just created a new product? Do you find yourself asking “Now what?”

    If so, then you’re ready for the next step – developing and executing your marketing plan!

    The most successful authors or entrepreneurs know that it takes a firm commitment of time and energy to build the kind of platform (audience) that not only reaches millions, but also creates a loyal following – now’s your chance to learn from seasoned marketing experts and ask all your questions about what it takes to create a bestselling book or product. Whether you are a first time author/entrepreneur, or a multi-product author/entrepreneur, you’ll want to register for this information-packed and exciting event!

    Now for the first time ever, you can get the combined wisdom of more than 40 years of marketing and book publishing experience in this online course – and all in the luxury of your own time and space.

    Hay House President/CEO Reid Tracy, who transformed Hay House from a publisher of three books in 1988 to one of the largest independent publishing companies in the world and the leading publisher in the self-help industry. And Hay House COO Margarete Nielsen (formerly the Vice President of Marketing), who together created campaigns that launched more than 50 New York Times best-selling books want to share their wisdom and expertise with you.

    A variety of topics will be covered in this marketing intensive including:
    • Building a solid email marketing audience and website
    • Building an engaging social media platform
    • Product Development ideas to generate additional Income
    • Elements of a Successful Book or Product Launch

    Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create and maximize your marketing platform!

    Lesson One: Email Marketing, List Building, Usage & Social Media
    Learn all the tips & tricks to create a successful email program – from building your list or increasing your list size to creating strategic partnerships. This informative session will help fast-track you to understand what to mail, when to mail, and how to create a responsive email list.

    Social Media has become one of the fast growing marketing channels – Discover which one is right for you. In this engaging session you’ll discover all the in’s and out’s of the social game and how to avoid common mistakes. Learn to build an authentic and engaging audience using these powerful online tools.

    Lesson Two: Product Development/Revenue Ideas
    In this nuts & bolts session you’ll learn how to expand your brand and develop synergistic products that compliment your book or existing product to create additional revenue streams. You’ll be surprised at how easy and quickly you can develop “spin off” products that can generate immediate income. Discussions will include eBooks, Enhanced eBooks, Mobile Apps, Audio Downloads, Online Courses, and Card Decks.

    Lesson Three: Product Launch Success using all Channels
    And finally, this powerful session pulls it all together. Discover the what, when, how, and who of your marketing mix to create a successful book or product launch. This session will include numerous real life product launch campaign examples. You’ll learn all the elements to create an exceptional marketing campaign in this information packed session.

    This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.
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