The Power of Sound Healing Online Course by Jonathan Goldman

    The Power of Sound Healing Online Course

    Discover the Secrets of Sound for Manifestation. Rejuvenation, and Transformation

    by  Jonathan Goldman

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    Can you hum?
    Guess what! You are a sound healer!

    8-Lesson Online Course with Jonathan Goldman

    Jonathan Goldman is a best-selling author and international authority on sound healing, and in this once-in-a-lifetime program, he lays bare the secrets of this ancient practice, and shows why everyone can be a sound healer. It’s just about learning to harness the power of your voice. Don’t worry, you needn’t be a musician—if you can hum, you can heal. So join Jonathan now to learn the physics of sound, plus simple exercises that use your voice as a potent healing tool. You’ll learn to create balance in your chakras, project healing sounds to different parts of your body, and use tuning forks that were specially created for health and transformation.    

    While the study of sound healing could be a lifetime endeavor, this course, which is based on more than 35 years of experience, lays out some of the most critical information and moving exercises to get you started on your journey, including some simple 5-minute practices that you can incorporate into your busy life right away!

    During the course, you will learn concepts and practice techniques that include:

    • Bringing your awareness to the power of sound by both stimulating your mind as well as your ears
    • Focusing on the importance of your breath and how to breathe effectively
    • Using your own voice as a potent and natural sound-healing instrument by resonating the energy centers in your etheric body, called the “chakras”
    • Projecting sound to different parts of your physical body for balance and attunement
    • Working with specially created tuning forks for health and transformation
    • Projecting sound for planetary healing

    While you will receive plenty of written material about sound—in PDFs throughout the program—as well as actual sounds you’ll be able to download, the majority of your learning will happen through personal experiences. The world of sound and sound healing lies more in the encounters you have than the concepts you learn. That’s why this course includes so many experiential exercises—everything from humming to using vowel sounds to resonate your chakras to proper breathing and deep listening.

    By the end of this course, you will understand why this ancient tradition is becoming more popular than ever—and you’ll be able to tap into the power of your own voice to achieve balance and harmony, create deep relaxation, and manifest health and happiness.

    Join Jonathan today—and take the first step toward your new life!



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    "Anyone can receive extraordinary benefits from delving into this form of healing…and learning to use sound for stress and pain reduction, relaxation, sleep enhancement, and much more.”

    –Jonathan Goldman

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: The Physics of Sound

    What is sound…and how can it possibly heal you? In this foundational lesson, Jonathan Goldman presents everything you need to know about the physics of sound. Looking at vibration, frequency, entrainment, and the science of cymatics, he helps you understand the essential aspects of how sound interacts with our three-dimensional world. He also guides you through an experience of deep listening that is designed to reawaken dormant pieces of your mind so that you can tune in to the power of sound.

    Lesson 2: The Power of Intent

    Lesson 2 is all about how intent shapes our experiences with sound. Consciously creating sound with intent—the energy behind the sound—can amplify its power to affect the three-dimensional world. In fact, sound has been used with prayer and meditation throughout time because of this very phenomenon. When sound is consciously created with a specific intent, that intent is encoded upon the sound, travels on it, and is ultimately received by the person listening to it. By learning to visualize and vocalize with intent, we have the power to manifest what we desire in our lives. With simple explanations of how this works and another conscious listening exercise, you’ll be well on your way to using sacred sound for healing.  

    Lesson 3: Breath and Tone

    Breath is the predecessor of sound—we cannot make a sound without taking a breath—so a solid foundation of breath is mandatory for anyone who wishes to use sound healing. While you clearly know how to breathe, there is a way to infuse your breath with more powerful energy. In this lesson, Jonathan walks you through the process of breathing properly from the diaphragm and shows you how to infuse a basic hum, one of the simplest sounds we can make, with the energy of the breath to create an unexpected healing, calming experience. He also discusses toning, the use of elongated vowel sounds, and leads you through a short practice to create resonance, harmony, and balance. 

    Lesson 4: Sound and the Chakras

    While humming and toning are wonderful practices, they are just the beginning of what you can do with self-created sound. In Lesson 4, you’ll move from these basics into some more in-depth healing techniques—starting with a practice of toning your chakras, the energy centers of your body. You will explore not only the ancient concept of the chakras but also how and why sound is so effective for balancing them to bring ultimate health. You will also have a powerful experience of using tones called Bija Mantras to resonate your chakras. This practice will help you see just how extraordinary your own voice can be for self-healing and transformation.

    Lesson 5: Vowels as Mantras

    In the previous lesson, you learned to tone your chakras using Bija Mantras. Now you’ll move on to a technique that tones your chakras using vowels as mantras. Jonathan notes that this practice is “the single most powerful and transformational sound-healing experience” for most people who work with self-created sound. If he’s working with a class where he can teach only one practice, this is the one he features. What is remarkable about this practice is that most people will actually feel vibrations and resonance in their chakras—for many it makes the concept of the chakras real. And at the end of this exercise, after all your chakras have been balanced and aligned, you will find yourself in a state of deep meditation.

    Lesson 6: Sound Bites and DnA Tuning Forks

    The vowels as mantras meditation is extremely powerful, but we don’t often have 45 minutes to an hour free to do it. That’s why Jonathan created a shortened version of this practice called “vowels as mantras sound bites” that you can easily work into your busy schedule. This simple exercise will remind you of the power of sound and help you set an intention for your day while also working to resonate your chakras.  And the more you work with it, the more powerful and effective this practice will be. The best part? It can be done in just a couple minutes. In addition to mastering this sound-bite practice, you will learn about a powerful sound-healing tool: tuning forks. This lesson features the DnA tuning forks, which resonate at an 8:13 ratio known as the Phi ratio and has remarkable abilities.

    Lesson 7: The Gaia Frequency and Pineal Activator Tuning Forks

    Lesson 7 focuses on two additional types of tuning forks that have specific purposes and effects. The first is the Gaia Frequency Tuning Forks, which are designed to help bring your frequency into the Schumann Resonance, the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth. This frequency is said to be a carrier wave for information that enhances healing and psychic abilities. The second tuning fork you explore is the Pineal Activator, a unique tool that uses a special frequency to activate your third eye—what is known as the “seat of the soul”—for spiritual enhancement. 

    Lesson 8: Planetary Healing

    In this final lesson, we move from the personal to the planetary with the exciting concept of global harmonization. By working with intentionalized sound that focuses on the world around you, you can link and activate the global mind and the global heart, creating the same heart-brain coherence that aided you in your personal healing efforts. In fact, Jonathan shares a technique to create this heart/brain coherence, which is designed to amplify our electro-magnetic field and make it many times greater than normal, especially when this is coupled with the power of sound.   He also teaches you about the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University that has worked to validate the effects of meditation and prayer on a planetary level. You’ll learn about the power of the “Ah” sound before moving into a global harmonization exercise that involves projecting powerful healing energies to heal our beloved planet Earth. 

    Bonuses & In-Course Webinar: Bonuses & Live In-Course Webinar

    Bonuses & Previously Recorded Live In-Course Webinar

    • Soundtrack to The Power of Sound Healing Audio Download 
    • 8 Chakra Meditation Audio Download
    • Personal & Planetary Healing Online Video 
    • The Energetics of Sound Audio Download
    • Previously Recorded In-Course Webinar