Play Your Bigger Game by Rick Tamlyn

    Play Your Bigger Game

    9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live

    by  Rick Tamlyn

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 9/4/13

    ISBN: 9781401942946

    More than just a book, The Bigger Game is a concept that will take you only nine minutes to understand but a lifetime to play. It was designed from the premise that life itself is one big game. And, if it is, then why not play one that excites, fulfills and challenges you to develop and express your talents completely?

    By the way, there's nothing wrong with wanting that. It's a natural expression of who we are, and since each of us is blessed with talents, we're naturally hungry to develop and put them to use.

    The Bigger Game was created to counteract a self-limiting, fear-based approach to life. It's also designed to keep you forever in play, meaning that you'll never be stuck again, since you'll always have the game board to guide your next move.

    Michelangelo said, 'The great danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short but in setting our aim too low and hitting the mark.' The Bigger Game is not just about making a living; it's about making an impact. Curiously enough, I find that once players begin to make a positive impact, their incomes often rise, too. Still, if you're interested in simply making a living and just surviving in life, I'm afraid that this book is not for you. If you want to make an impact in the world and thrive in your life while earning a very good living, please read on. The purpose of this book is to:

    • Reveal the Bigger Game player you already are
    • Help you find the Bigger Games that excite and challenge you to fully deploy all of your energy and gifts
    • Teach you to consciously design the person you're destined to become
    • Allow you to feed the hunger in your soul
    • Help you to make a major impact and to leave a lasting legacy
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