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    Witchcraft is NOT Third Wave Feminism by MysticPriestess

    The only reason that I've given this book two stars rather than one is that there are a few chapters with some basic modern Wiccan and witchcraft information that is OK (the same stuff you'll find anywhere else, nothing unique) but the overall vibe of the book is that witches are women and they are here to fight the patriarchy. No. Just no. The author, who is known for her pretty strong feminist views, spends 3/4 of the book doing her best to appropriate the word Witch and the concept of the modern Witch to fill her view of the modern day third wave feminist.

    She makes it clear from the first handful of pages that this book is for women, specifically biological women. Not men, not transgender women, and in some ways not even for women who do not have a monthly cycle. "She's connected, pussy to the Earth." She also loves to sit in cafes and "talk about vaginas, wombs, periods and pussy power - loudly, and in public." Yes, these kinds of Witches are out there, but this is NOT the majority. Witches are men and women, cisgender and trans. They have cycles, and some don't either due to medical reasons or age. Power is not found in your temporary physical body or its temporary functions. If I was just beginning to look into modern witchcraft and this was one of the first books I picked up, I'd probably walk away and look for something else.

    (Posted on 7/14/18)

    So disappointed! by Queen

    The book was heavily promoted showing black edging with the moon cycle. My book arrive damaged with a plain edging. When I contacted the authour about this egregious discrepancy, I was told she had nothing to do with it as her publishers were the ones who decided to promote the book with black edging. Unfortunately, the contents of the book was the same regurgitated drivel that is already available. Truly disappointed. I have since returned the book.

    (Posted on 6/4/17)

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