Sacred Ceremony by Steven D. Farmer

    Sacred Ceremony

    by  Steven D. Farmer

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 10/31/02

    ISBN: 9781561709816

    How to Create Ceremonies for Healing, Transitions, and Celebrations!

    Throughout history people have attempted to contact the divine through ceremony. From weddings to sweat lodges, funerals to religious fasting, every culture has appealed to the gods for their blessings of important human passages. At this stage in our evolution, many find they no longer need to have priests or shamans to honor the holiness of their lives.

    In Sacred Ceremony: How to Create Ceremonies for Healing, Transitions, and Celebrations, Steven Farmer offers ideas on how to create your own ceremonies to consecrate the critical events and passages that you experience on your life’s journey. Rather than complex rituals or exacting formulas, this comprehensive book offers clear guidelines and suggestions for honoring the spiritual nature of these important milestones.