Shift Happens by Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 8/3/11

    ISBN: 9781401931506

    Narrated By: Robert Holden

    Version: Unabridged

    Shift Happens! is about more happiness, more success, more love, more peace, more prosperity, and more joy.
    Best-selling author and lecturer Robert Holden, one of the leading experts on happiness,tackles the fundamental everyday concerns that can undermine true joy and fulfillment. Written in a short essay style, this audio book offers a powerful mix of inspiring principles and proven techniques to help readers learn how to release fears, drop the struggle, transform relationships, make "the shift," and embrace a new level of creativity and joy.

    Key principles include:
    · You are what you seek!
    · Shift happens-when you let go!
    · Love is your true power.
    · Forgiveness gives you wings.
    · When you take a step, a bridge appears.


    Chosen as the Hay House Book Club Pick for September 2011
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