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What You Need to Know About Health and Healing Online Course - Part 2

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Are you ready to experience a complete spiritual, emotional, and physical metamorphosis?

Internationally acclaimed medical intuitive and teacher Caroline Myss brought you groundbreaking insight into overcoming long-term illness, depression, and suffering in her recent What You Need to Know About Health and Healing, Part I online course.

Now, by popular demand, she helps you further...See more
Are you ready to experience a complete spiritual, emotional, and physical metamorphosis?

Internationally acclaimed medical intuitive and teacher Caroline Myss brought you groundbreaking insight into overcoming long-term illness, depression, and suffering in her recent What You Need to Know About Health and Healing, Part I online course.

Now, by popular demand, she helps you further your healing transformation in this all-new On Demand Online Course!

In What You Need to Know About Health and Healing, Part II, Caroline delves further into deepest and most effective truths of health and healing. Over six thought-provoking lessons, you’ll completely shift how you experience your life on all levels—spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

With Caroline’s expert guidance, you’ll:
• Uncover the wounds and fears that are holding you back from truly healing.
• Let go of struggle so you can experience complete metamorphosis.
• Learn to finally speak your truth and open your ears to truth from others.
• Identify your underlying needs and get them met.
• Learn to keep your Self in a world of chaos.
• Tap into the power of prayer and ritual.
• And much, much more!

Lesson Details:

Lesson One: Why Our Wounds Need a Witness
Are you holding onto old pains? Wounds are a part of our human experience. We all carry wounds and we have all wounded people. Healing of our wounds is often a long and rigorous experience, and in learning about the complex nature of healing one truth stands out: The healing process requires that our wounds be acknowledged by another person in order for our psyche and spirit to initiate the process of release. This need is so critical to the healing process that it should rightly be thought of as a ritual and indeed treated as such. Further, the role of the individual listening to the person revealing the wound should appropriately be recognized within the archetype as the Witness. Many healings remain incomplete because – usually unconsciously – the setting of the ritual was not recognized or brought properly to closure. Or the person undergoing the healing did not fully understand that once an “emptying out” was done, returning to the wound was not permitted. You only step forward following a ritual of completion.

Join Caroline for this profoundly healing lesson and examine questions such as:
• What is a ritual?
• Why does healing require a ritual?
• How does a person create the environment within which to conduct a ritual?
• What is the archetype of the Witness?
• Does everyone have that archetype?
• How do you recognize someone with the Witness archetype?
• How does a person conduct a healing ritual?

Lesson Two: Waiting For Your Wings
We move through many cycles of change in life. One of these archetypal cycles is death and rebirth, a cycle of transition that takes us from one stage of our life to another. Teresa of Avila used a stunningly beautiful and very accurate metaphor to describe this cycle, comparing it to the transformational journey of the caterpillar when it undergoes its transition to becoming a butterfly. This is the only creature that fully and completely disintegrates into a gelatinous substance in order to re-emerge a completely different vessel, a butterfly. The chrysalis period, however, is a time of darkness and of complete helplessness and vulnerability in which the would-be butterfly is fully and totally dependent upon the forces of nature, both for protection and for the continued process of mutation. The slightest piercing of the cocoon destroys the potential of the new life in progress.

So it is with us when we enter into the “cocoon” state of personal transition and inner transformation. Often, the impatience and panic-driven nature of our egos punctures our cocoon as we wonder, “What’s happening to me?” The need for reassurance that our life has not stopped becomes an obsessive focus for many of us because we do not recognize that we are in the sacred resting place of a cocoon. Thus, we neither understand the nature of the cocoon nor how to cope with “resting in silence.”

In this lesson, Caroline discusses the confusing process of waiting for your wings. Join her to talk about complex questions such as:
• How do you identify if you are in a Cocoon?
• How do you “rest in silence”? What does that mean?
• Why do “cocoon” experiences happen?
• What do you do when you finally become a Butterfly?

Lesson Three: The Struggle with Speaking Your Truth
Truth is by far the most intimidating power of the human experience. An example Caroline frequently uses is the fact that married couples can share a home, a bed, their meals, and their children, and yet not speak one honest word to each other in ten years. In fact, they often have to seek the help of a third party such as a marriage counselor in order to utter one truthful thought from one side of the counselor’s room to the other so that their partner can “hear” it and not collapse from the impact.

We spend most of our lives avoiding truth, avoiding speaking the truth, avoiding hearing it, and avoiding watching it. But here is a Truth: The nature of the Divine is Truth itself. Truth is a blinding, transformational force so powerful that one sentence, one drop of it revealed within your life can totally and completely change the course of your life. Here’s an example: “I don’t want to be in this marriage any more.” Here’s another example: “I finally admit I am an addict.” Just pause for a moment and reflect on the difference between one sentence of truth versus endless non-truths that can run through your mind and heart all day long. Unfortunately, the definition of “speaking your truth” rarely goes beyond complaining about what bothers us and defining boundaries based upon previous wounds.

It’s no wonder that healing requires learning to speak your truth! Join Caroline as she empowers you to acknowledge and speak your truth. Together, you’ll examine:
• What is Truth?
• What is a personal challenge for you to talk about?
• What do you fear would change in your life is you “spoke your truth”?
• What do you fear hearing from others?
• Are you conscious of blocking out the truth about how and why this world is changing?

Lesson Four: How the Fear of Being Humiliated Can Control Your Life
Is the fear of being humiliated keeping you from living a full life? While many of us think we’re most afraid of being alone, it’s the fear of being humiliated that has the most inner authority of all the many fears that the human psyche can generate. Indeed, experiences of humiliation leave us with such deep and penetrating scar tissue that they are often the most difficult to forgive.

As the years of our lives continue to roll by, those early experiences remain the most painful for many of us. In fact, they can have such a hold on us that we will avoid taking action on many great opportunities if there is even the slightest chance of being humiliated again. The fear of being humiliated is so dominant that it can destroy—and often does destroy—the quality of a person’s life, which is why it’s so important to address.

Listen in as Caroline discusses the fear of being humiliated. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn:
• The many ways humiliation can control your life.
• How to deal with the fear of being humiliated.
• How to recognize the need to want to punish those people who humiliated you.
• How to release the rage.
• What to do and how to forgive yourself if you’ve humiliated others.

Lesson Five: Understanding the Need for Approval
The need for approval is actually more complex than just, “a need for approval.” It’s more than just the desire to get someone’s attention, hoping they’ll say, “Good job” or “You look terrific.”

Think deeply about this because you have both needed someone’s approval and you have denied giving someone that special smile or nod or pat on the back. Why? Why you do think it’s been such a struggle on both sides of the approval issue?

Approval is about more than just “approval.” It’s about recognizing someone as having enough authority to “initiate choices” in the world. Withholding approval is, in fact, withholding the power of choice from someone, whether it’s one of your children, a co-worker, or a spouse. It is withholding the defining power of the human species, which is the power to choose. Saying, “I approve of you” is equal to saying, “You stand equal to me and now you can do what I do, which is to make choices that set changes in motion in our world. You can now change my life as much as I can change your life.” That’s why handing out your approval is so difficult and that’s why needing someone’s approval means so much.

In today’s fascinating lesson with Caroline, you’ll look at the healing power of giving and receiving approval. Specifically, you’ll examine profound questions such as:
• Whose approval do you need and why?
• Who needs your approval and why?
• Why do you struggle with empowering another person?
• What would it take for you to empower another person?

Lesson Six: Developing Your Spiritual Skills
Spiritual tools are essential to your well-being, far more than you might first think. Most of us wait until we’re in crisis and then we seriously turn to prayer or meditation for assistance, as if it’s a healing drug. People often say in hospitals, “Well, we’ve done everything we can. Now all we can do is pray,” noting that prayer is last and the desperate thing to do when it really should be the first ritual of action.

Prayer is the most misunderstood power, frequently turned to as a SOS call or a plea for protection. But, rarely is prayer understood as the portal into a deeper state of consciousness, the place beyond the illusions of the “rational mind.” Spiritual skills are basic to your inner health, to sustaining your inner balance, to maintaining your relationship to truth, to being a centered individual, to keeping your sense of Self in a world in chaos.

In this final lesson, join Caroline to develop your spiritual skills. Together, you’ll examine:
• The practice of contemplation.
• The important ritual of prayer.
• The practice of inner healing.
• How to recognize and recover your lost personal power.
• Recovering one’s soul.
• What grace is and how to connect with it.
• What you can do to remain in Sacred space in your everyday life.

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