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The Certified Card Reader Online Course

Master Oracle & Tarot Reading
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Have you always wanted to learn to read oracle and tarot cards? Or do you want to take your card-reading skills...See more

Have you always wanted to learn to read oracle and tarot cards? Or do you want to take your card-reading skills through the roof? Have you ever considered becoming a certified professional card reader and sharing your gifts with the world?

If you have, this is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about card reading—plus get certified!

In this premiere online course, ten world-renowned card-reading teachers team up to bring you one of the most in-depth and comprehensive card-reading programs in the world.

Whether you’re a total newbie or an experienced card reader, they’ll teach you everything you need to know to master the mystical art of card reading and—if you so choose—create a fulfilling spiritual business as a certified card reader, making a huge difference in people’s lives.

Over the course of eight comprehensive lessons (and 35 hours of video!) you’ll learn the ins and outs of card reading, from the basics of divination and intuition, to numerous powerful card spreads, to specifics on working with clients and creating a professional practice—and everything in between!

The Universe is dying to talk to us.
We just need to listen.

Card reading is one of the powerful tools that has helped people communicate with the divine for thousands of years. It’s been used in all corners of the world to seek guidance. To find answers. To navigate seemingly impossible situations.

Why? Because cards create a direct line of communication between those of us on earth and the angels, guides, ancestors, and ascended masters who want to help us.

Every card deck is a portal to their guidance. Every card is a story that’s waiting to be told. And if you know how to read those stories, you can get not only unbelievably clear answers to the questions you pose but also an exciting map of someone’s spiritual journey—including your own!

When you understand how to read cards, you open up to a life of extraordinary possibility and divine guidance at every turn. Imagine having no more decisions that you struggle over. No more confusion about big life choices, like your romantic partners, your career, and your life purpose. Even the most mundane, day-to-day questions take on a whole new life when you channel the Universe’s insight.

That’s the beauty of being a card reader. You can get answers for yourself. Your friends. Your loved ones. Even paid clients. And anyone can learn to read oracle and tarot cards. The Certified Card Reader Online Course will teach you how!

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