Spirit Communication Online Course by John Holland

    Spirit Communication Online Course

    Understanding the Fundamentals of Mediumship

    by  John Holland

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    Have you ever been sitting alone or in nature, when a knowing hit you?

    All of a sudden, you’re clearly aware of how a future event will unfold or feel connected to someone from your past—someone who is no longer here—almost as if they’re speaking to you, right now.

    What you’re experiencing in these moment is a psychic opening. Many people have experienced them in their lifetime... but only the most sensitive are able to tune into this gift on demand.

    If you’ve experienced your own mediumship or psychic abilities firsthand and want to learn how to manage and use these gifts to help others, we invite you to be a part of world-renowned medium and celebrated author John Holland’s new course Spirit Communication: Developing the Fundamentals of Mediumship.

    This course will give you weekly support and teach you how to:

    • Tune your gifts like you’d tune an instrument, to reduce interference.
    • Meet, link and blend with your guides.
    • Create a mediumship practice, helping others connect with loved ones on the other side.
    • Take your psychic powers to the next level by building your power… and more.

    Your psychic gifts hold the power to help others shift out of fear and into a higher frequency of love and peace.

    Learn to unlock your gifts now, so you can use them for good.

    Join the course now.



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    Learn to unlock your gifts now, so you can use them for good.

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: What Is Mediumship?

    How do you know if you are psychic or a medium? How can you be both? Why do people practice mediumship? How can I improve my own abilities? Is mediumship safe? These are some of the questions that often arise when you consider studying about mediumship. In this lesson, John will help you understand the purpose of mediumship, and discern whether you are more psychic or if you are being called to mediumship. He will offer information that will help you figure out which psychic ability you have. He will also give you some essential foundational exercises to start your journey or reinvigorate your current practice. 

    Lesson 2: Your Spirit, Your Equipment

    Before a musician can play great music, they must learn about their instrument and practice tuning that instrument. It’s the same with a medium’s psychic equipment. You can’t just jump in and expect to successfully connect and receive messages; instead, you must become familiar with your psychic equipment so it becomes finely tuned to your unique energy. In lesson two, we get acquainted with your psychic tools and how to practice tuning them. We will look at the body, mind, and spirit and learn about the energy centers (the chakras) that help you tap into the spirit world. 

    Lesson 3: Meeting Spirit

    Now that you know more about your spirit and you’ve worked on tuning your spirit, your vessel, let’s meet Spirit! This lesson will teach you the language of Spirit, how Spirit uses what you already know, and how to differentiate between your own mind and the messages from Spirit. John walks you through the process of opening up to meet Spirit and teaches you a meditation to connect and blend with your guides.

    Lesson 4: Practicing Mediumship

    Now that you know better how to connect with Spirit, it’s time to look at how you relay the information coming through you. In this lesson, John teaches you practical ways to prepare for live readings and discusses the ethics and responsibilities that a medium should follow. He also provides you a very effective formula for giving the messages you receive: The C.E.R.T. Formula. Learn to identify the Communicator, provide Evidence, give reason for their Return, and Tie up the loose ends of your reading efficiently so that you can move on to provide readings for others in your group. This lesson is packed with information to get you on your spiritual feet and reading for others!

    Lesson 5: Your Mediumship Evolves

    No matter where you are in your development of mediumship, you and your practice will evolve over time. John shares ways to recognize your evolving mediumship; changes you may experience, and provides you with power building tools to validate and authenticate your connection to Spirit. He also explores how to embrace your personal style so you can be comfortable while working with others. Are you ready to take your psychic abilities to the next level?

    Lesson 6: Troubleshooting

    What happens if you aren’t getting anything? I got a “no,” what now? How do you handle a skeptic or a heckler? All of these common trip-ups happen to even the best of mediums. John will help you to learn how to avoid getting stuck by them, how to improve the flow of your reading so that these challenges occur less and less, and how you should handle trouble spots for the audience and for yourself. Too many psychics will spend precious time mentally beating themselves up or over-analyzing a message because of some of the common speed-bumps explored in this lesson, learn how you can save yourself time and emotional strain with John’s help. 

    Free Gifts: Bonuses and Webinars

    Gift 1: Two Previously Recorded Q&A Sessions with John Holland

    Learn from the community while you’re working your way through the course! In these audio recordings, not only will you get more information to go even deeper into the experience of mediumship, but you’ll also get to listen to the questions posed by previous students in the Spirit Communication online course.

    Gift 2: Bridging Two Realms Audio Book

    In this powerful presentation of John Holland’s book Bridging Two Realms, you’ll get one of the clearest pictures anyone could offer of the Spirit World. John draws on his decades of personal experiences with Spirit, and includes inspirational stories and real-life case studies, to help you pursue the unfoldment of your own spiritual abilities safely and wisely. Ultimately, it wlll help you see that there are spiritual bridges that can be built to connect to your loved ones who have passed—and you can be that bridge.

    Gift 3: Awakening Your Psychic Strengths Audio Program

    In this enlightening and entertaining audio program, John Holland shows you how to tap in to the power of your psychic abilities and make them work for you in all areas of your personal and business life. He explains how to find your way back to your true intuitive self by extending your awareness beyond your physical senses through easy-to-follow, practical exercises and teaches you all about chakras and their roles, how to interpret auras, psychic etiquette and much more!