Spiritual Divorce by Debbie Ford

    Spiritual Divorce

    Divorce As a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life

    by  Debbie Ford


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    Publisher: HarperOne

    Publication Date: 10/1/06

    ISBN: 9780061227127

    Could the end of your marriage be the first step toward reclaiming your personal power and joyfully living the life of your dreams? If the answer is yes, this book is for you. Divorce rocks the very foundation of our beings, leaving us feeling lonely, flawed, enraged, undesirable, hopeless and empty.

    In Spiritual Divorce, New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford reveals how this devastation can be transformed into a profoundly enlightening experience. This empowering guide shows how the collapse of a marriage is, at root, a spiritual wake-up call, an opportunity to liberate ourselves and reclaim our lives. The end of a relationship -- no matter who ends it -- is a damaging moment. Ford offers a clear program for turning ruin into renewal.
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