Easy storytelling techniques for parents, teachers and carers

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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 7/5/10

    ISBN: 9781848506176

    If your mind goes blank when the children in your life ask 'Tell me a story...', this book will give you all the tools to fire their imaginations and create a life-long connection.

    Do you remember the excitement of settling down to be told a story when you were a child - the suspense of waiting to hear the tale unfold and the amazing adventures of your favourite characters? This comprehensive and engaging book will tell you how you can create that same magic for the children in your life.

    Train yourself to be a great storyteller and

    • Use stories to teach children about values, goals, morals, creativity and emotional management

    • Make bedtime a breeze or hold their attention during difficult moments

    • Spend quality time with your child, or the children in your care, creating unforgettable memories

    •Involve them in creating stories together.
    A must-have book for all parents and trainee storytellers.