Surrender to the Power of Intuition by Judith Orloff M.D.

    Surrender to the Power of Intuition

    Three-Lesson Online Course with Dr. Judith Orloff

    by  Judith Orloff M.D.

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    Are you feeling Stuck? Lack of Energy, and frankly just Burned-Out?
    Are you living in a constant state of Fear and Worry?
    What if you could simply Let it All Go?
    Learn how to Surrender, Let Go, and Empower Your Life

    Dr. Judith Orloff will show you how - in this NEW thought-provoking Online Course Surrender to the Power of Intuition. Judith will teach you how to apply the practical mystical tools of surrender. You’ll identify where you may be clinging to old patterns of behavior that don’t serve you. Learn how to let go and discover a source of physical, emotional, and spiritual power.

    Surrender is the secret key to manifesting Power and Success in all areas of your life—including work, relationships, money, radiant aging, health, and healing.

    This intensive three-lesson online course is packed with practical teachings, each 90-minute audio lesson includes specific exercises to deepen your understanding and provides you an opportunity to call in and ask specific questions. 

    • Lesson One: Power, Success and Money
    • Lesson Two: Reading People and Communication
    • Lesson Three: Relationships, Love, Sensuality and Embracing Ecstasy

    **Special Bonus: 
    Life Affirmation from the Ecstasy of Surrender pdf
    Let Go To Intuition & Power your Life Meditation! 

    In our super connected world where emails and text messages constantly interrupt us, it’s easier to let go than you think. Once embraced, surrendering removes roadblocks and the exhaustion that comes from “trying too hard”—and it helps you achieve goals more effortlessly and brings ongoing happiness.  
    Surrender is my lifelong meditation! It keeps all of us healthy, younger, playful, more passionate, and flexible. – Dr. Judith Orloff

    Surrender yourself to this life changing course.
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