The Earthkeeper by Adam C. Hall

    The Earthkeeper

    Undeveloping the Future: The Extraordinary Story of an Earth Conqueror Turned Preservationist Who Uncovers Our True Nature and Reveals the Creative Power of the Universe

    by  Adam C. Hall

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    Publisher: Agape Media

    Publication Date: 5/8/13

    ISBN: 9781401942533

    The EarthKeeper is an inspiring story about a ruthless millionaire who woke up from his worldly life to become a steward of the planet in the sacred traditions of the Hopi, Mayan and Incan cultures. This is a tale of high adventure, filled with tears and heartbreak, transcendence and triumph, fate and destiny, peace and love. One day, as Adam Hall was racing through life, he met a palm reader who spoke of separation. This one word triggered a series of questions about life, death, and his purpose. He began to think that if he could not realize his calling on Earth, then what's it all worth anyway? Was he to live fully or just bide his time until death?

    These questions exploded life as Adam knew it, propelling him on a quest that cost him his family and more. His work in real estate even dwindled drastically, as he was utterly through with the dog-eat-dog mentality of doing business. Eventually, he sought a new way as he lost his self-identity in the process, because who are you if you suddenly realize that key aspects of your life were based on illusions?

    The EarthKeeper turns the world on it head and opens the door to an entirely new perspective. In reading about Adam's quest, you'll accompany him on this journey as he travels the globe and discovers the ancient map of his soul. He shares the highs and lows as he traverses four roads of life: the physical, emotional, spiritual and Divine. Along the way, he discovers the secrets of nature and all of life. You'll see first hand how he courageously faces his own demons and takes responsibility for his former ruthlessness and misdeeds, slowly but surely finding an inner peace that's unmovable by outer events.

    You'll see how Adam, while working with shamans in Peru, receives a vision that wakes him up to his destiny: he's among those who assume the sacred duty of preserving and honoring our precious humanity, ultimately finding environmental redemption and vowing to foster planetary well-being.