The Essential Wayne Dyer Collection by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    The Essential Wayne Dyer Collection

    by  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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    Publisher: Hay House Inc

    Publication Date: 8/29/13

    ISBN: 9781401944223

    Internationally bestselling author Wayne W. Dyer is one of Hay House's most beloved authors, known worldwide as 'the father of self-motivation'. Wayne had been at the forefront of methods of personal transformation for the last three decades. The Essential Wayne W. Dyer Collection is an omnibus of his most powerful works - The Power of Intention, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling and Stop the Excuses!

    • The Power of Intention: Wayne Dyer has been researching the power of intention, the energy that surrounds all of us. He tells us how we can train ourselves to tune into this energy and step beyond our minds and egos. This is the first book to look at intention as a field of energy you can access to begin co-creating your life!
    •Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling: In this extraordinary book Dr Wayne W. Dyer explains how to connect to the knowledge and understanding that we had in the spirit realm before we chose to incarnate in physical form. This book contains Wayne Dyer's personal blueprint for living an inspired life and finding your true calling.
    •Excuses Begone!: Dr Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking patterns that prevent you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness and health.
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    By Blake on Sep 05, 2016

    I very much enjoyed this compendium. I think many, many people would say The Power of Intention is definitely one of Wayne's best books. And I also hold Inspiration up there as well. The only criticism I have is I felt Excuses Begone didn't really carry the weight the other two do. I think it's a great book, with the right message. But that message is quickly reached. Or maybe I just kind of knew the answer he was hinting at already, and kept reading hoping to find something new. It could be exactly what someone else is looking for though. And for the price it's like getting three books for the price of two anyway. With all this said however, essential is a great word to describe the three subjects Wayne addresses here in this collection. If for nothing else than buy this for The Power of Intention, and have the rest to be able to dive into if felt so inclined to do so. And you will!