Hay House Vision Board App by Hay House

    Hay House Vision Board App

    FREE app to create vision boards for your goals in life

    by  Hay House

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    Publisher: Hay House, Inc.

    Publication Date: 4/22/15

    ISBN: IT156

    Create vision boards to achieve your goals and live the life you always wanted. Easily add images, photos, inspiring messages and music. Join the Hay House Vision Board Community to find people just like you to connect and help you stay on track.

    The Hay House Vision Board App is a fun and powerful visualization tool for all ages. With so many customizable options the possibilities are truly endless!
    • Create vision boards for each of your goals - relationships, career, health, family, spirituality, etc.
    • Search the web for inspiring images or add your own photos.
    • Add free built-in affirmations from your favorite Hay House authors or write your own encouraging words.
    • Record inspiring voice memos and add your favorite music.
    • Announce your goals to the Universe by sharing your boards on social media and the Hay House Vision Board Community.
    • Follow, comment, like, share and collect vision boards that inspire you on the Hay House Vision Board Community.
    • Use the Top 5 Goals feature to prioritize your goals and set reminders for action items

    Hay House Vision Board       Hay House Vision Board

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