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The Magic of Moonology

Learn to Manifest Your Dream Life
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The Magic of the Moon course is for you if you’d like to…

  • Harness the energies of each Moon phase to supercharge your manifesting abilities
  • Consciously create the life of your dreams using the Moon as a cosmic timer
  • Understand how to Moon directly influences your own birth chart—and your everyday life
  • Plan for and predict the years ahead based on powerful lunar energies
  • Get familiar with special lunar events, including eclipses, Blue Moons, and Supermoons
  • Use powerful meditations, ceremonies, and practices to tune in to the magic of the Moon
  • Find clarity and happiness through aligning with the flow of nature and the Universe

If you’re looking to make transformations in your life (anything from finding a new relationship, to attracting abundance, to switching careers—anything!); seeking guidance on your direction, purpose, and well-being; or simply wanting to have everything just flow more easily and beautifully, working with lunar energies is the perfect ingredient to planning, predicting, and creating the life you desire.

If you’re ready to discover how you can work with the magic of the Moon to align your life and manifest your dreams, this powerful online course is exactly what you need.

Yasmin reveals the two key phases of the Moon you need to know about so you can start attracting whatever it is you want—wealth, happiness, love...and more—into your life. She also shares how to focus your intention and communicate to the Universe what it is you really want—in order to give your wishes the best chance of coming true!

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