The Mystical Secrets of the Seven Chakras by Deborah King

    The Mystical Secrets of the Seven Chakras

    by  Deborah King

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    Do you want to step up to the next level of spirituality? Ready to blast off into the invisible realms of information and healing? In this revolutionary Audio Download, Master Healer Deborah King reveals the hidden secrets of your seven main sacred energy centers—the chakras—and gives you the mystical formula for living the life you deserve.

    Over two compelling hours with Deborah, you’ll learn:
    • How to connect to your spiritual and ancestral guides—your escorts along the path.
    • How the chakras affect your health, weight, happiness, finances, relationships, and spiritual progress.
    • What can go wrong when your chakras are out of whack.
    • Spiritual practices and cutting-edge shamanic techniques that clear the chakras of toxic energy, balance them, and charge them exponentially.
    • How to calibrate your chakras so that you develop a connection to the Light workers in the Unified Field.
    • Ways to connect to the next level of spirituality, where an inexhaustible supply of universal power and energy is available to you at your fingertips.

    Ultimately, with Deborah’s guidance, you’ll discover the secrets of working with the chakras to expand your consciousness and move you rapidly along the path of real transformation.
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