The Power To Make Life Changing Choices by Debbie Ford

    The Power To Make Life Changing Choices

    The Right Questions In Action

    by  Debbie Ford

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    Publisher: Debbie Ford

    Publication Date: 5/3/10

    ISBN: Z791

    If you are hungry to take back the reins of your life and move deliberately in the direction of your dreams, then this 2-CD audio program is for you. In her uniquely warm, direct, and humorous way, Debbie Ford will guide you in making powerful choices that are in direct alignment with your goals, attaining success and fulfillment in your finances, career, or intimate relationships, and producing groundbreaking results in every area of your life. Push play on your CD player in order to master the art of looking for what's right about your life, and to find the inspiration to choose faith over fear time and time again.
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