The Right Questions by Debbie Ford

    The Right Questions

    Ten Essential Questions To Guide You to an Extraordinary Life

    by  Debbie Ford

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    Publisher: HarperOne

    Publication Date: 4/1/04

    ISBN: 9780062517845

    How mature is the part of you that manages your finances, plans your daily meals, or decides how to act in your intimate relationships? Most of us don’t realize that our everyday actions are being directed by unconscious beliefs and commitments we made as children - in other words, the five-year-old within us is running the show!

    The Right Questions will wake you out of the "trance" of unconscious choices and give you the strength to act on your deepest convictions. Purposefully written to bypass the intellect, these ten powerful questions go straight to your inner knowing. The New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford offers ten profound questions that will change the choices we make - ultimately empowering us to fulfill our life’s dreams. It’s easy to forget that the circumstances of our day-to-day lives are the result of decisions we made yesterday, last month and last year. We don’t wind up thousands of dollars in debt because of one extravagant purchase, nor do we gain thirty pounds as a result of one decadent dinner. And our relationships certainly don’t end overnight because of a single heated argument. We are where we are because of the decisions we make every day. If we want to better understand how we have created our present-day reality, all we need to do is look at the choices we made and continue to make along the way. The Right Questions offers a remarkable new awareness of why we do what we do, providing the tools as well as the freedom to create the life we always wanted.
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