The Secret Of The Shadow by Debbie Ford

    The Secret Of The Shadow

    The Power of Owning Your Whole Story

    by  Debbie Ford

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    Publisher: HarperOne

    Publication Date: 12/1/02

    ISBN: 9780062517838

    In The Secret of the Shadow, Debbie Ford goes to the next level in probing "the dark side," the shadow aspects, beliefs, and behaviors that hold the clues to our greatest selves. In this eye-opening and inspiring book, Debbie exposes a great paradox: On one hand, there are the limiting stories that we cling to, keeping us in repetitive cycles of suffering. And on the other hand, there is the gold - the life-changing wisdom and gifts - that can only be found in the dark.

    The #1 New York Times bestselling author shows how our most self-defeating thoughts can become blueprints for a fulfilling, rewarding life.

    In The Secret of the Shadow, bestselling author Debbie Ford shows us how to rediscover our true essence, which is hidden in the shadows of our own dramatic life stories. In her blockbuster The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Ford introduced us to our "shadow." Now she uncovers our "story," the collection of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that prevent us from having all the love, happiness and success we desire. She guides us to understand that hidden in the shadow of our stories is our magnificence, and our unique gift. The Secret of the Shadow shows that the stories we tell ourselves about our lives do not define who we truly are. In fact, they prevent us from grasping our purpose and potential. When we live in these stories, we engage in noisy internal dialogues, self-defeating habits and abusive behaviors. But once they are understood and processed, our traumas and failures, our pain and our discontent, will take us deep inside and return us to our Divine essence.

    Our personal dramas contain important information and wisdom that can help us discover our essential selves and true purpose in life. The process of making peace with our stories requires us to identify, understand, accept and embrace everything in our past that has caused us pain. In order for us to heal, we must stop chasing what Ford calls "the feel-good moments" and embark on the extraordinary journey of loving and embracing all that we are. The process outlined in this book offers us a way out of the never-ending cycle of pain and discontent. Whether we suffer from depression, ill health, a sense of unworthiness, arrogance or low self-esteem, the road to healing is the same. This clear process (including action steps and contemplations in each chapter) will help you to discover your unique purpose and realize the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

    As we make the inner journey of embracing our story and all its ingredients, we begin to see the life that lies ahead of us, a life that will give us the gift of our eternal selves.