The Shift: Online Video by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 5/1/09

    ISBN: Z500

    Best-Selling Author and Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Presents His First Feature Film—The Shift. Watch the Movie Online!

    What is The Shift? It’s the story of the most important moment of your life—when you stop striving and start arriving! It’s the choice you make to move toward a life that gathers up the pieces of your best, most fulfilled, most loving self. It’s the moment when you start living a life rich with meaning and begin playing the music you came here to play!

    Are you ready to make the shift that changes everything? When will you find the joy, the peace, and the love that you came here to give and to receive?

    In this inspiring movie, you’ll enjoy an engaging, heartwarming and humorous tale of transformation on vacation. You’ll marvel at the beauty of the windswept ocean scenery. Share the characters’ delight as they receive the most precious gift—permission to follow their hearts. Hear Wayne say, “Don’t die with your music still in you” and see everyone set free to join the orchestra!

    Join Wayne Dyer and a star-studded cast for a story that will capture your imagination and send you on your own quest for a life of meaning and purpose. In The Shift, we share the stories of three modern lives in crisis—a young mother who nurtures everyone but herself, an overachieving husband who has forgotten what love means, and a moviemaker desperate for the opportunity that will make him worthy in his own eyes. Every life has a turning point, a shift, a choice to make about what really matters.

    Early in life, we follow the path mapped out by ego, a path of ambition, competition, and striving. When midlife dawns, we too often find ourselves stranded in a lonely and desolate place we never intended to visit. Our feelings of sadness and frustration tell us we took a wrong turn. Like a shift in the wind or a change in the tide, the yearning we feel at midlife is a call to renewal. The Shift shows us the path home, the path to rediscovering our true self, our purpose, and the life of meaning that is our true calling.

    “When you get it—that you don’t do things because of what somebody else is going to do for you, but you do them because you’re living your life’s purpose—you can light up the whole world with that kind of love. That’s how it works for me.”
    —Wayne Dyer

    “From the moment I began watching the movie until the very end, I was just in tears. I was blown away by the story, and I’m so excited for people to be able to see this film.”
    —Cheryl Richardson

    “The Shift is a movie that touches your soul. Michael Goorjian has directed a visually beautiful movie with stirring music. Wayne Dyer’s message lingers with you long after the final credits. I loved it.”
    —Louise L. Hay

    Presented in full screen, high quality, video with stereo sound using Akamai HD technology. Use a standard computer with a DSL/cable broadband connection to view on your computer. It’s just like watching TV!

    Unlimited Streaming:  You may watch and re-watch your purchased video as often as you want.
    Note: The Shift was formerly titled Ambition to Meaning

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    By Larendee on Apr 19, 2017

    This movie was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Thank you to everyone who gave themselves to this powerful work.

    By Segilama on Sep 30, 2016

    Exceptional video for me. As a female I could relate to to both stories and was able to feel every word that Dr Wayne Dyer was saying. Absolutely love it. Thank you