Your Soul’s Compass by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

    Your Soul’s Compass

    What Is Spiritual Guidance?

    by  Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D.

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 10/1/08

    ISBN: 9781401907778

    Why am I here? What does a life worth living look like?
    What is the higher intelligence trying to express through me?

    In this time of global change and uncertainty, of spiritual indirection, Americans are asking these age-old questions with renewed curiosity. There's a thirst for meaning and purpose, a dawning realization that happiness isn't a commodity that can be bought with a gold card.

    Fulfillment and joy arise naturally from creative and compassionate action- from the understanding that all life is interconnected and guided by a higher intelligence. Our personal choices make a difference, and when they are spiritually inspired even the smallest action serves a larger whole.

    Sacred texts ranging from the Torah to the New Testament, the Tao Te Ching to the Buddhist scriptures, the Vedantas to the Koran, speak of making life-enhancing choices where a force greater than the individual flows through us and informs our thoughts and actions. In this book we'll focus on the three classic aspects of living such a spiritually guided life:
    (1) alignment: maintaining a direct and personal connection to the Source of our Being
    (2) discernment: distinguishing the movement of Spirit in our lives from our own wants, fears and social conditioning
    (3) action: making our best, most inspired contribution to the evolution of life.
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