Adventure: Renewable Energy to Power Up Your Life by Matthew Walker

    Adventure: Renewable Energy to Power Up Your Life

    by  Matthew Walker

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    Do you feel stuck in your personal or professional lives?
    Does the idea of change leave you feeling stressed and anxious?
    Are you feeling bored with the daily grind and too familiar with the familiar?

    If any of these questions resonated with you, it’s time to take a leap and find the adventure in something or really everything that you do!

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    In this audio download with psychologist, transformational coach, and author Matt Walker you’ll gain insight and actionable directives on how the 5 Elements of Adventure can support and inspire your personal and professional development. Along the way you’ll learn how to utilize adventure as an unending reservoir of energy to support your physical health, emotional well-being, professional goals, spiritual intentions, and most importantly relationships.

    During your hour and a half with Matt, you will:
    • Identify your unique High Endeavor that is worthy of your energy, love, and devotion.
    • Embrace Uncertain Outcome as the litmus test and driver for your adventure.
    • Make a Total Commitment to your endeavor while activating your unique strengths.
    • Increase your capacity for Tolerance for Adversity and move with grace and humility.
    • Engage Great Companionship throughout your life to give and receive support, feedback, and share life's greatest gifts.

    Engaging the 5 Elements of Adventure in your personal and professional life creates a well of limitless energy—energy to direct into the most important and meaningful areas of your life.

    With Matt’s expert guidance, you’ll learn how the 5 Elements of Adventure sustain positive, supportive, and intentional energy by:

    • Identifying the emotions and values that fuel you
    • Taking personal responsibility for your energy - engaging intentionally not reactively
    • Understanding competing agreements you have with yourself that keep you from attaining your goals and dreams
    • Developing emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical renewal rituals to sustain and guide you
    • Creating actionable and realistic next steps to launch your adventure
    • Developing support mechanisms to help keep you on track and hold you accountable

    Don’t miss this opportunity to take this transformational expedition and learn to tap into the energy, reward, and joy adventure infuses in our lives.

    As Matt says, “When you reframe your challenges and dilemmas as adventures rather than problems to be solved, you instantly have the power to live your life to the fullest.”

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