Redesigning Your Destiny Online Course by Dr. Joe Dispenza

    Redesigning Your Destiny Online Course

    Tools to Create a New Life

    by  Dr. Joe Dispenza

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    7-Lesson Online Course with Dr. Joe Dispenza

    In this exciting course, New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joe Dispenza opens your eyes to your innate power to change every single aspect of your life—starting at the cellular level.

    For those who are familiar with Dr. Joe’s work, it won’t come as a surprise that this program is steeped in science. Using examples of extraordinary transformation that he’s experienced firsthand and witnessed in his work with thousands of people, he explains the power of the quantum universe in an unrivaled way that anyone can understand.

    Discussing everything from neuroplasticity to the differences between the material realm and the world of energy, he’ll help you see how you can access an infinite number of dimensions, each of which contains a different potential reality. Once you are able to do this, you can choose whichever reality you desire

    That’s right—you can choose your present and your future. You can heal whatever needs to be brought into balance, shift whatever in your life needs to be changed, and create the reality of your dreams.

    Join Dr. Joe now for Redesigning Your Destiny—and say hello to your new life.

    The Redesigning Your Destiny online course includes: 

    • A scientifically based experiential program designed to heal your body and your life
    • Powerful video and audio meditations that stretch you beyond the parameters of time and space, and connect you with Source
    • Mind-blowing stories of real-life healing and life-altering experiences as a consequence of doing the work in this course
    • Precise instructions on how to do “the breath”—a technique that will take your meditations to the next level



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    Lessons are available on desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Listen and watch anywhere you have an Internet or cell signal.


    You can take the course at your own pace for best results, and then return to it again even after you complete the course! You’ll be able to return to and review lessons for a deeper understanding as you apply the knowledge you've gained — and to reinforce what you've learned.


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    "What does it mean to redesign your own destiny?."

    It means that you can create as much abundance, passion, and joy as you can imagine.

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Starting Your Journey

    In this foundational lesson, Dr. Joe introduces you to the essential truth that rests at the core of his life’s work—that you have the power to shift your life by shifting your thoughts—and lays out the basic science to prove it. With information on the structure and function of the brain and the energy centers of the body, you’ll be ready to get started on your journey into the quantum realm. You’ll also learn a critical practice that is fundamental to the rest of the course: a breathing technique to open up your heart and mind, which Dr. Joe uses before every meditation. Finally, using the breath, he will walk you through a powerful exercise to bless your energy centers, creating more balance and wholeness. 

    Lesson 2: The Unified Field

    With the practices you learned in Lesson 1, you’ve already begun to install the neurological hardware necessary to interact with the Divine, or the Unified Field. Now in Lesson 2, Dr. Joe discusses what exactly that connection means in real life—and how to enhance it even more. He also outlines the habits and blocks that keep you from tapping into its incredible power, thereby blocking your power. By truly understanding how to become one with the intelligent love and loving intelligence that is all around you, you start to become more like it. Soon, feeling joyful, loving, and free will simply become a habit. And as Dr. Joe notes, once you experience this, you won’t want for anything because you’ll already have everything

    Lesson 3: Programming Your Energy Centers

    Each energy center of the body has its own frequency, its own energy, and its own chemistry. Each one has its own consciousness, its own hormones, and its own glands. Essentially, your health is controlled by these eight energy centers. In this lesson, Dr. Joe helps you understand exactly how they function—and how they can malfunction when their energy is disordered. He then teaches you an exciting practice that takes the blessing of these energy centers—from Lesson 1—up a level by creating specific symbols for each center. Using these symbols, he walks you through an extraordinary healing meditation that works with each center’s frequency, allowing your autonomic nervous system to create order and heal you at the cellular level. 

    Lesson 4: Getting Beyond Yourself

    Lesson 4 dives into the concept of shifting your awareness from matter to energy in order to bring the future into the now. You’ll learn the vast differences between the realm of materialism and the realm of energy so that you can clearly understand why keeping your focus in the material world interferes with the creation of the life you desire. Dr. Joe also lays out a roadmap for you to follow in order to get from your thinking brain into your subconscious—including addressing common blocks you may face as you work to shift your awareness. He closes out the lesson with a meditation on getting beyond yourself, which will help you connect within and experience greater degrees of wholeness, oneness, and unity. 

    Lesson 5: Space-Time and Time-Space

    Space-time…and time-space? What? In this lesson, Dr. Joe further develops the model of materialism versus energy—and really takes you into the exciting heart of quantum physics! Luckily, Dr. Joe has years of experience explaining difficult-to-understand ideas, so even the most science-phobic person can grasp concepts such as collapsing time and space, 5-D versus 3-D reality, and multiple dimensions. By the end of this lesson, you’ll fully comprehend how to access the quantum realm in order to select a potential reality. In other words, you’ll understand exactly how you can shift your life and create the future you most desire by tuning into the Divine. 

    Lesson 6: Remembering Your Future

    Now it’s time to really put the pedal to the metal in terms of creating your future. In this lesson, Dr. Joe introduces you to two exciting tools—the kaleidoscope and Mind Movies—which, when used together, help you create a palpable experience of the life you most desire. Each tool serves a specific purpose: The kaleidoscope helps you get beyond your thinking brain in order to open up to a deeper emotional experience. The Mind Movies, which are essentially like video vision boards, provide that experience. By allowing yourself to truly feel the joy, freedom, love, and success in your Mind Movie, you are creating memories of the future, which shift your destiny right here in the present day.

    Lesson 7: Choosing Yourself

    In this final lesson, Dr. Joe helps you understand how all the incredible work you’ve been doing in this course fits into your busy life and outlines some of the obstacles most people face when trying to maintain their practice. While you’ll certainly come upon problems like self-doubt, skepticism from family and friends, and even something as basic as finding the time to connect with the Divine, these should not stop you. If you are more committed to the satisfaction that comes from within than the distraction of your external environment and you keep doing the work, you will not only change your present life but also redesign your entire destiny—and inspire people around you to do the same.   

    Bonus and In-Course Webinars: Bonus and In-Course Webinars


    In this hour-and-a-half long downloadable audio workshop, Dr. Joe presents his findings which show people healing themselves from chronic illness, having interdimensional experiences, and interacting in other realms. You’ll learn the fundamentals behind what it takes to do the uncommon, to become supernatural, and create the life you want. Dr. Joe will share scientific measurements to prove how powerful we really are!

    Listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza teach additional material and answer student questions to gain unique insights and get a deeper grasp on the tools and the techniques in the course.

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    By Teresa K on Apr 03, 2018

    I Love the Designing Your Destiny online course. I took the course while I was reading "Becoming Supernatural - How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon" It was great that the Meditations are included in the course along with information on how to make a Mind Movie and use it with the Kaleidoscope video. This was my introduction to Dr. Joe Dispenza and I haven't looked back. I'm grateful for all the information.

    By Jessica on Dec 28, 2017

    It's a great course but it does not qualify you for advanced workshops - only one that does is the course offered on drjoedispenza website. It has a lot more content...20 hours or so more for half the price. only downside is you have only 90 days to take it and can't review it after the 90 days