The Power of Prayer: Your High Speed Connection to the Divine by Deborah King

    The Power of Prayer: Your High Speed Connection to the Divine

    by  Deborah King

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    Tap into the power of prayer in this enlightening online certification course with Deborah King!

    Do you think prayer is limited to Janis Joplin beseeching the Almighty in song—Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz . . .? Or to someone who just lost his or her job? Or to the cancer patient who just got the bad news? It’s time to clear up any misconceptions you may have about prayer, learn what prayer can do, and how to do it for yourself, your loved ones, your clients, and the world.

    Prayer affects the forces of the universe; it has the ability to mend the torn fabric of creation. Prayer is a major component of every spiritual path and traditional religion on earth for the simple reason that prayer is one of our main ways to communicate with Spirit. Prayer is a powerful tool for moving the mountains in your life and, when you get the hang if it, in the lives of others, but chances are you’ve never really been taught how to pray.

    Over four dynamic lessons, Deborah King, master healer and New York Times bestselling author of Be Your Own Shaman, will open your eyes to the importance of prayer and teach you how to connect deeply with its power.

    Here’s just a peak at what you’ll learn with Deborah:
    • What prayer really is, how it works, and why you need it.
    • Powerful ways to use prayer to link directly with Spirit and receive Divine instruction.
    • How to use prayer to look inside your self and see your role in the universe.
    • Steps to experience prayer and a distance healing.
    • Amazing, little-known tools to enhance your prayers.
    • And much, much more—see lesson details below!

    Moreover, Deborah is offering you the option of getting certified in these prayer techniques. If you have a mission to help others heal and connect with Spirit, this course will dramatically enhance your skill set. Deborah will share her expertise on how you can incorporate these techniques into your work with others.

    Develop your own powerful prayer techniques as a Deborah King Center Certified Prayer Practitioner. You will be thrilled by your closer personal connection to Spirit and by your ability to help others in need!

    If you are taking the course for certification, you’ll need to meet the following requirements prior to getting certified:
    • Listen to all four sessions.
    • Practice 5-10 minutes of prayer every day.
    • Conduct one distance healing through prayer.
    • Register on the Deborah King Center website; the link to register will be given to you during the course.

    Those that are certified will receive an electronic certificate and a Deborah King Center Certified Prayer Practitioner icon to use on their website.

    Lesson Details:

    Lesson 1: The Purpose and Power of Prayer
    What exactly is prayer? Do you have to believe in god? This lesson clears up much of the misunderstanding about prayer—what it is, how it works, and why you should have this valuable tool in your spiritual arsenal.

    In this lesson, Deborah covers:
    • The different types of prayer, such as petition, confession, thanksgiving, praise.
    • The lowest level of prayer: Prayer for stuff—whether it’s a new car, new love, or winning the lottery!
    • What do you say? How to communicate in your own words.
    • How do you say it? With desperation or with confidence and faith?
    • Do prayers get answered? Getting what you need, not necessarily what you want.
    • Practicum: An experience of Level One prayer with the group.

    Lesson 2: The Three Upper Levels of Prayer
    In this lesson, Deborah explains how prayer works on different levels of consciousness, and the intentional and intuitive forces that help you link to Spirit.

    Here are just some of the fascinating topics Deborah explores with you today:
    • St. Teresa of Avila and the ascent of the soul.
    • Level One: Prayer to understand your Self—looking inside your self, seeing your role in the universe, and your relationship to Spirit.
    • Level Two: The “prayer of quiet” that doesn’t ask for anything.
    • Level Three: Ecstatic prayer, beyond words—the mystic state of Oneness and intuitive guidance.
    • An experience of Level Two prayer with the group. Put your seatbelt on!

    Lesson 3: Prayer as Distance Healing
    What exactly is distance healing, and how is it related to prayer? Deborah examines the connection between prayer and healing and teaches you to become adept at praying for others.

    In particular, you will:
    • Discover powerful examples from cultures around the world.
    • Uncover the fallacy of time and space—why distance healing works.
    • Learn whether you’re using creative or destructive thoughts—where do they come from and where do they take you?
    • Learn when healing doesn’t work and why.
    • Discover how to sense impressions and images so you can receive divine instruction.
    • Experience distance healing through prayer with the group, get ready for lift-off!

    Lesson 4: Prayer as a Spiritual Practice
    Can you incorporate the practice of prayer into your spiritual routines? How does it differ from meditation? Deborah discusses the benefits of prayer in your daily life.

    In this fascinating lesson, you will:
    • Learn how to listen to the messages that let you know when your life is out of balance or out of alignment with the universe.
    • Discover ways to incorporate body movement with prayer, and prayer beads.
    • Find out how to tap into the power of intention as the driving force of prayer.
    • Learn the importance of conscious use of words, thoughts, and feelings.
    • Uncover why prayer in the months closest to the winter equinox is the most powerful.
    • Experience Level Three ecstatic prayer with the group, and into the stratosphere we’ll go together!

    This Online Course provides all four lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.
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